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Sustainability is a Focus of the Standex Electronics’ Product Line

Long-term sustainability improvements continue to drive consistent technological growth. And the electronics industry is no exception! Green switching applications are a growing demand for Standex Electronics’ customers. This is because the reed switch is an ideal green switching solution. Also, Standex Electronics uses the reed switch as the base switching component in their sensor and relay products.

What Makes a Reed Switch Green? Green_Symbol_2_07[1]

Reed Technology by design is environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and meet many principles of sustainability. Reed switches are very small and produced with minimal natural resources. For instance, the glass and metal construction can easily be recycled therefore reducing e-waste. Furthermore, reed switches are RoHS compliant therefore containing no toxic lead nor mercury. That’s not all! Reed Technology is known for switching billions of long-life reliable operations. Most importantly, switches and sensors that utilize Reed Technology can operate passively while consuming little to no power.

Standex Electronics experiences advances in greener technologies driven by every major market from Alternative Energy to Smart Home and Automotive. In addition, Test and Measurement, Telecommunications, Security, and Medical. Moreover, Standex Electronics’ worldwide factories produce Reed Technology products that contribute to sustainability on a global scale.

What are Some Examples of Green Switching Applications?

Some examples of green switching applications handled by our reed-based sensors include energy efficient monitoring of fuel and hydraulic oil levels to prevent environmental leaks. Custom reed sensors monitor grid level power and collect data. Both used to optimize and reduce overall electricity production. 

Big data is allowing companies to realize energy savings at scale by monitoring power consumption down at the machine level. Another way Standex Electronics is addressing green energy savings is with leading edge transformer and inductor developments. Our planar transformers and high-frequency magnetics dramatically improve power transfer efficiency

Finally, Standex Electronics works with customers to help take advantage of each of these global trends. Contact us to learn more about our engineering capabilities and how our experts can transform your designs to improve sustainability.


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