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Why Standex Electronics Planar Transformers

Efficiency: Updating capabilities, improving capacity, reducing costs

If I were to tell you that there was a way to reduce costs, electrical efficiency capabilities, and enhance electrical capacity through a product you needed – would you buy it? Of course, you would! Smaller, faster, cheaper – the name of today’s engineering game.

Planar transformers are steadily replacing the need for traditional wire-wound transformers in many industries. Electric vehicles, solar inverters, wind power, telecommunications, mil-aero, aviation, healthcare, industrial applications, tools, LED lighting, induction heating/charging, appliances, electronics (TV’s, radios, etc.), and many others. Core materials, their shapes, and manufacturing techniques are all developments Standex Electronics have been in tune with to deliver to various requirements.


With the ever-increasing need to be faster, perform with greater accuracy, improve time to market, and reduce costs – planar transformers replace the traditional wire-wound transformers with a solution that makes perfect sense for a successful blueprint.

Why Standex Electronics Planar Transformers?

  • Repeatability, high-performance, and reliability
  • Multiple winding options and topologies
  • Low profile height and lightweight
  • Low leakage inductance
  • Space savings and capacity improvement (retro/custom fits)
  • High efficiency (resistance, flux density)
  • Customized terminations
  • Volumetric efficiency (small size)
  • High voltage isolation transformers
  • Low turns count improves Cu loss
  • Large core surface promotes heat transfer
  • PCB construction yields lowest Cu loss
  • AC resistance and proximity Cu loss minimized
  • Opportunity to embed planar into PCB module (integrated magnetics)
  • Optimized core cross-section lowers core loss

For a switched-mode power supply (SMPS), our planar transformers act as the main component and the smart choice for converting power and doing the transformation of the voltage effectively. Smaller volume planars can handle the same amount of work as larger wire-wound transformers.

General guide on how to design and use planar transformers

  • Choose optimum core cross section
  • Choose optimum core window height
  • Iterate turns vs. duty cycle
  • Core loss
  • Cu loss
  • Evaluate thermal methods
  • Estimate temperature rise
  • Tradeoff cost vs. number of layers
  • Mechanical design fit envelope pad layout
  • Fit within core window height
  • Size sufficient for power loss and thermal solution

Example where planar transformers reside

  • Distributed isolated power
  • Battery charging and operation (12V, 24V, 48V, and 1-10KW)
  • Isolated inverters (to 50KW)
  • Renewable energy sources (wind and photovoltaic)
  • AC-DC resonant designs

Component Corner (Expert Insights)
Will Schellin
Standex Electronics Engineer:

The difference planar transformers allow over traditional wire-wound transformers is the planar’s use of flat copper windings that allow for greater efficiency. The planar’s windings are built by utilzing flat copper layers (lead frames) or printed circuit boards (PCB’s) to create a laminate style winding construction. The flat wire construction allows us to keep the AC resistance at a minimum. The result is a compact high-power density planar transformer that is typically 30% of the volume and weight of a traditional wire-wound transformer. This reduction in size from a bulky part eliminates design constraints.

Industry applications

Automotive, Aviation, Military, Medical, Telecommunications, Electronics, Industrial, Power, Appliances, Transportation, Alternative/Solar Energy, Lighting/LED, and others where planar transformers provide efficient power distribution and high-frequency switching.

Find out more about our ability to propel your business with our products. One of our brilliant engineers or sales leaders will listen to you intently.

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