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Reed Relays for Use in Solar Inverter and Photovoltaic Applications

Solar Inverters & Photovoltaics Have the Ability to Provide a More Effective, Eco-Friendly Solution

This is the latest in a series of application-focused power distribution briefs.

What are solar inverters? Solar inverters are separated electricity networks that send power to an AC grid. The two grids are connected while being in a safe operating environment in which the high isolation needs to be measured and checked on a regular basis to meet safety standards. Standex Electronics offers theKT Reed Relay series that provides high isolation while in the open state (the measurement is inactive and isolation needed),  and a low contact resistance when closed (precise results are needed). The contacts are hermetically sealed allowing it to operate in the most stringent of environments that may be perceptible to dust, shock, corrosion, and humidity making it more than suitable for solar inverter and photovoltaic applications.

KT Relay Series Applications

  • Alternative Energy – Solar Inverters, Photovoltaics, & Other Solar Related Power Distribution Applications

Standex Electronics’s preferred reed relay choice for use in solar inverters / photovoltaic systems

Our KT Reed Relay series has an insulation resistance of ≥10^13 Ohm, measures just 8mm x 10mm x 30mm, and is available in a through-hole (THT) or surface mount design (SMD).  Furthermore, this high voltage reed relay is capable of switching up to 1kVDC, a breakdown voltage of 4.2kVDC, isolation voltage up to 7kVDC,  has no moving parts and can perform millions of cycles under 500 – 1000 volts. Additionally, it comes in a molded package providing a higher resistance against mechanical and temperature shocks within varied patterns of weather conditions.

Other features include an innovative design with no internal solder joints (lower failure probability and resistance against shock),  and the ability to meet minimum creepage distance requirements as outlined by the IEC standard. A typical alternative energy application includes measuring isolation resistance across several components within a solar powered system prior to connecting to the grid, preventing injury or further current leakages.

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