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Today’s automobiles are using safer and smarter electronics in “drive by wire” systems. Electromechanical components such as the Reed Switch, Reed Sensor, Float Switch and Reed Relay play a vital role in improving these automotive systems and they do so using little to no power consumption. Applications such as automotive navigation, entertainment, communication, convenience, and safety utilize reed switch sensor and relay technology products.

Standex Electronics is certified to the automotive quality standards ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008.


Automotive convenience electronics are becoming more prevalent in today's automobiles.  In addition to driving comfort, these electronic devices are also now more energy efficient and reliable. The magnetic switch or Reed Switch can be used as a proximity sensor or float switch when combined with a permanent magnet.  The magnet is used to open and close the switch.  The results will vary depending on the magnetic strength, size, position and direction of the magnets movementCar sensors such as: movement sensor, speed sensor, parking sensor,position sensor, window sensors, etc.

  • Cruise control
  • Door switch courtesy light
  • Global positioning system (GPS)
  • Rear-View Mirror

Fluid Level

It's no surprise that an automobile requires many forms of fluid to keep it running smoothly and to maintain the life of the vehicle.  A critical fluid level can cause serious to permanent damage to a vehicle's engine.  Cars are equipped with many liquid level sensors which monitor these fluid level conditions. Reed sensors generally become the design-in choice of most engineers when encountering wet, dirty, wide operating temperature ranges. Reed sensors continue to be selected for liquid level detection because of their favorable characteristics and versatile design capabilities over the other technologies. Furthermore, the reed sensor has accurate closure and opening points that represent a crucial factor in consistent reliable operation over a long period of time. Reed sensors can easily be designed for variations in closure and opening that naturally result with changes in float position due to changes in the fluid’s specific gravity. Standex Electronics's full line of liquid level sensors and float switch sensors provide multiple solutions for all of these automobile fluid level detection requirements.

Other Controls

Many traditional mechanical systems in an automobile are being replaced with more reliable electromechanical systems.  The reed switch provides a longer life than mechanical switches since they are protected by their hermetically sealed glass envelope from environmental contaminants.


The automotive industry sets automotive safety standards that demand a high level of quality and reliability.  Reed products are extremely reliable, switch into the billions of operations and they require little to no power to operate.

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