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Battery Powered Instrumentation


Reed Sensors/Switches for Battery Power Applications

Where Standex Electronics’s reed relays use minimal power, Standex Electronics’s reed sensors and switches use no power, making them the ideal sensors for battery powered applications.  All Standex Electronics’s reed sensor series, including through-hole, surface mount, panel mount, connector mounted, or direct wire mounted require zero current in their off state.  When an external magnet moves close enough to the reed sensor, it’s reed switch contacts close, allowing sensing communication and information transfer.  The reed switch sensors can literally stay un-activated for years never drawing any current thereby maximizing battery life.  Standex Electronics’s sensors use hermetically sealed reed switches that are further packaged in strong high strength plastic, they can be subject to rough treatment and environmental concerns such as grit, water, and moisture without any loss of reliability.


Reed Relays for Battery Powered Applications

More and more instruments are being designed for use in the ‘field’ away from conventional power sources. Here, because the units are operated on battery power only, any electronic components used must be very frugal in their power consumption.

Reed Relays represent excellent switching devices for these applications. Several Reed Relay series have very high coil resistance options along with one and two pole latching Reed Relays in our BE series. With the latching series a two millisecond pulse closes the contacts and a two millisecond pulse in the opposite direction unlatches (opens) the contacts. Here minimal power is required conserving battery power.

The Reed Relay also offers excellent isolation between the coil and Reed Switch and across the Reed Switch contacts. Because of their hermetic seal, Reed Switches are also impervious to dirty, dusty environments.


BE Latching
W10.000.394 BE Reed Relay
BTW12.100.476 BT/BTS Reed Relay
DILW10.200.402 DIL Reed Relay

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