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Cable Testers or Electronic Harness Testers Use Reed Relay Matrices


An essential ingredient to any electronic system is its cable harness. These harnesses are made up of, in most cases, many individually coated copper wires routed to several different locations. Some of the individual lengths can cover several meters, while collectively, they may cover several kilometers. During the harnessing process, the wires can become scraped, kinked, knotted, and or partially severed. For electronic systems to have long reliably lives, making sure their cable harnesses have no flaws is essential. To verify the harnesses are flawless, cable testers are employed. Here the designers have chosen a matrix of high voltage reed relays to test each wire to all other wires using several 1000 volts.

Full Application Write Up
Cable Testing - Reed Relay


  • Ability to Switch up to 10,000 Volts
  • Ability to withstand up to 15,000 volts across the contacts
  • Ability to hold off 15,000 volts between switch to coil
  • Contacts dynamically tested
  • Multiple switching configurations available
  • Three different package configurations
  • Several mounting options, including pins outs and insulated leads
  • High insulation resistance greater than 1012  Ohms
  • Several hundred million operations
HEW14.500.570 HE Reed Relay
HFW19.000.748 HF Reed Relay
HMW19.000.748 HM Reed Relay

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