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Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics are one of the fastest moving markets covering a broad spectrum of products each with unique switching requirements in a variety of sizes. Standex Electronics has the broadest selection of magnetic sensing solutions in the marketplace.


Household appliances and electronics feature much higher efficiency and are now being designed in conjunction with smart metering devices.  Detecting door position, and monitoring fluid levels are just a few examples of how reed switch sensors are making their way into household appliances.

Other Electronics

Sensors and switches make their way into many types of consumer electronics.  Just about any application involving movement or the the need to switch something on and off.  No matter how small the device, Standex Electronics has a switch or sensor suited for these types of applications. A proximity sensor used in a cell phone or digital camera has a switch housed in the device and a permanent magnet positioned within the moving screen.  Once the screen is rotated or slid to one side the magnet lines up with the switch contacts causing the screen to activate the phone or camera. Another use for a reed sensor in a cell phone is when the phone is used with a docking station.  When the phone is place into the docking station, the magnet activates the switch causing the phone to go into hands-free mode or switches into car mode for the use of a global positioning system GPS.

  • Camera screen activation
  • Chair lift
  • Copier position sensors
  • Interlocking
  • Keyboards
  • Laptop closure sensing
  • Massage chair
  • Printer sensors

Toys & Hobbies

Today's toys are being designed with more and more moving parts requiring simple, reliable and inexpensive sensing solutions.  Our magnetic reed sensors are a perfect fit in countless toy sensor applications.

For example: a baby doll that drinks a bottle may have a reed sensor positioned beneath the mouth and a permanent magnet molded into the bottle and when the bottle is held up to the it's mouth, the baby makes a drinking sound or stops crying.

  • Car race track
  • Baby doll position sensor
  • Electronic board game position sensor
  • Mechanical movement sensing
  • Model train
  • Video game peripherals
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