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Door Sensor for Fire, Safety & Emergency Exit


Standex Electronics’s engineers have developed a reliable way to detect the status of an emergency door.  Normally reed sensors require a reed sensor and a magnet to carry out the sensing function.  However, almost all emergency doors must be made of steel or a steel alloy.  This steel interferes with the magnetic field shunting it from the reed sensor, thereby eliminating its usage in these applications.  Therefore, designers only had mechanical switches at their disposal to detect the status of any emergency door.  They have been used successfully, however; they can fail prematurely or may have limited life cycles.  Designers now have a much better and more reliable alternative with Standex Electronics’s one component reed sensor that uses the influence of the steel door to activate the sensor…

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Door Sensor for Fire, Safety and Emergency Exit Doors


  • Alternative to the inductive sensor
  • Dynamically tested contacts
  • Hermetically sealed to operate in dirty environments
  • Mechanically stable enclosure
  • Reliable switching for millions of operations
  • Requires no external power to operate
  • Single component door sensor
  • Screw fastening or PCB through hole mounting
  • The reed sensor never comes in direct contact with the movement of the door- non-contact sensor
  • The reed sensor comes with various lead, connectors and lead lengths for ease of connection
MK02W32.41.276 MK02 Reed Sensor
MK02/5W46.01.811 MK02/5 Reed Sensor

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