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Hood Position Detection for Add-on Alarm Systems


The most costly items of an automobile are under the hood of the car.  Thieves, once the hood of the car is open, can unfasten the engine, battery, etc. very quickly.  Having a sensor that is tied into the vehicle on-board computer could sound an alarm or the car horn.  That is exactly what auto designers have done, using Standex Electronics’s reed sensors that sense the movement of the hood sending a signal to the on-board computer.  This in turn initiates the alarm…

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Alarmed Vehicle Hoods - Reed Sensor


  • Cylindrical panel mount or screw flange mounting
  • Contacts dynamically test
  • Magnet and reed sensor are isolated and have no physical contact by typically having the magnet mount on the hood and the reed sensor mounted and positioned to accurately detect the motion of the car hood
  • The reed switch used in the reed sensor is hermetically sealed and is therefore not sensitive to rough, wet or dirty environments
  • The magnet is not affected by its environment
  • The reed sensors reliable operate between -50°C and 150°C
  • Tens Millions of reliable operations


MK03 Reed Sensor

M03 magnet not included

MK14Dia40.157 MK14 Reed Sensor
MK18Dia50.197 MK18 Reed Sensor
MK20/1Dia2.720.107 MK20/1 Reed Sensor

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