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End Position Sensors In Hospital Beds And Other Mobility Equipment


There are a large number of applications requiring the detection of end limit position, where electric shock can be a real concern.  Hospital beds, for example, need end position limits when adjusting the bed position.  Reed Sensors are ideal in this application because they reliably pass very low level voltages and currents well under any potential power that could cause a shock.  Mechanical limit switches have been used successfully in the past, but can fail prematurely because they need a higher level of power to operate properly.  Mechanical sensors exposed to the environment will develop film on the contacts.  To break through these films, higher switching voltages may be necessary.  These higher voltages are not ideal in a hospital bed environment.  Now designers have turned to the Reed Sensor which uses hermetically sealed reed switches, which are ideal for switching low signal levels reliably.

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Mobility Equipment - Reed Sensor



  • Contacts dynamically tested
  • Cylindrical panel mount and screw fastening mounting
  • Large sensing distances possible
  • Magnet and reed sensor are isolated and have no physical contact by typically having the magnet mounted to the piston movement and the reed sensor mounted and positioned to pick on the end limit position(s)
  • Millions of reliable operations
  • The permanent magnet is not affected by its environment
  • The reed switch never comes in contact with the actual movement of the piston
  • The reed switch used in the reed sensor is hermetically sealed and is therefore not sensitive to dirty or wet environments


MK03 Reed Sensor

M03 magnet not included

MK14Dia40.157 MK14 Reed Sensor
MK18Dia50.197 MK18 Reed Sensor
MK20/1Dia2.720.107 MK20/1 Reed Sensor

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