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Reed Relays Are a Key Component in Testing Integrated Circuits


Chip designers continue to develop new integrated circuits that are smaller, faster acting and have more switching gates. These millions of gates per chip all need to be tested for satisfactory operation. Test equipment, some of which costs millions of dollars, are designed to test these chips on a 24 hour and 7 day basis. Because there are so many gates to be tested, test speed is essential. The tester needs to incorporate switches in the tester to isolate all points, and be able to carry the information using fast pulses. These fast pulses are in the picosecond range allowing billions of bits of information to be transferred per second. These switches used in the tester have to be carefully selected making sure they can switch and carry these fast pulses without distortion and operate in a reliable manner for billions of operations. Test equipment designers have found that Standex Electronics’s specially designed ultra small relay series capably accomplishes the task for billions of operations.

Full Application Write Up
IC Testing - Reed Relay


  • High reliability
  • Ideal RF characteristics
  • Ideal for carrying fast digital pulses with skew rates less than 20 picoseconds
  • Ability to carry RF signals from DC up to 20 GHz (SRF relay-coming soon/request samples today)
  • 50Ω characteristic impedance
  • Switch to shield capacitance <0.5 picofarads
  • Dielectric strength across the contacts 200 volts
  • Contacts dynamically tested
  • Surface mounted
  • Very low profile
  • BGA’s available
  • Rugged thermoset over-molded packaging
  • Qual-shield arrangement
CRFW4.40.173 CRF Reed Relay

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