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Reed Relays Perform Multiple Switching Functions in Modular Instrumentation


Modular instrumentation has been around for the past 30 years, but continues to grow in popularity. The systems have become more functional with the ability to carry out multiple tasks in parallel. There are many types of modular platforms: VXI, PXI, PACs, Labview, AXie, USB, GPIB, etc, etc. All these platforms have their own bus arrangements and standards. They all offer different advantages for a given set of applications or functions. They all offer several different plug-in boards that carry out singular and/or multiple functions.  Several of the plug-in boards require relays to carry out various switching functions. Standex Electronics’s relays offer a wide variety of reed relays to meet the multiple usage requirements required in these modular instrumentation systems.

Full Application Write Up
Modular Instrumentation - Reed Relay


  • High quality and reliability
  • Very small size
  • Ability to switch up to 1 amp
  • Insulation resistance > 1012 Ohms typical with > 1014 Ohms available
  • Capable of switching and carrying up to 15 GHz
  • Dielectric strength across the contacts 200 volts
  • Contacts dynamically tested
  • Low stable contact resistance
  • Long life with up to a billion reliable operations
SILW5.080.200 SIL Reed Relay
RM05-8A-SPW7.300.287 RM05-8A-SP Reed Relay

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