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High End Multimeters Use Reed Relays To Measure Low & High Voltages


With the ever increasing requirements for electronics and electronic systems, the need exists to be able make voltage and current measurements covering several orders of magnitude. From nano-volts to kilovolts and from fempto-amps to amps. To do this with one instrument is almost impossible; however, multimeter designers have been able to expand the order of magnitude of these measurements in recent years. To be able to do this, the reed relay has become an essential component. Standex Electronics’s specialized reed relays have helped designers meet this challenge.

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High End Multimeters - Reed Relay


  • Several hundred million operations
  • Ability to withstand up to 4000 volts across the contacts
  • Ability to Switch up to 1000 Volts
  • Ability to hold off 4000 volts between switch to coil
  • Contacts dynamically tested
  • Ability to measure less then 1 micro-volt
  • Insulation resistance > 1012 Ohms
BT Special SeriesW12.00.472 BT/BTS Reed Relay

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