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Why Standex Electronics Planar Transformers?


Efficiency: Updating capabilities, improving capacity, reducing costs

If I were to tell you that there was a way to reduce costs, electrical efficiency capabilities, and enhance electrical capacity through a product you needed – would you buy it? Of course you would! Smaller, faster, cheaper – the name of today’s engineering game. Planar transformers are steadily replacing the need for traditional wire-wound transformers in many industries. Electric vehicles, solar inverters, wind power, telecommunications, military/aerospace, aviation, healthcare, industrial applications, tools, LED lighting, induction heating/charging, appliances, electronics (TV’s, radios, etc.), and many others. Core materials, their shapes, and manufacturing techniques are all developments Standex Electronics have been in tune with to deliver to various requirements.

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  • Height – low profile
  • Low leakage inductance
  • Repeatable leakage inductance, capacitance
  • Volumetric efficiency (small size)
  • Low turns count improves Cu loss
  • Optimized core cross section lowers core loss
  • Large core surface promotes heat transfer
  • Low loss, reliable PCB construction
  • AC Resistance and Proximity Cu Loss Minimized

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