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Security & Safety

Fire and Safety doors in public buildings, hospitals, government buildings, hotels and other buildings regularly frequented by people, require the doors to be shut at all times except in an emergency. By law, the doors must be electronically controlled; if they are opened, proper warnings must be given.

Power Magnetics

Standex Electronics manufactures a wide variety of magnetic products used in security and fire detection/suppression systems. We are a world leader in the manufacture of magnetic reed switches for security and fire detection systems, as well as wound magnetics including custom transformers. Our wound magnetic product lines contain many custom transformer products with agency registrations required by this industry. Typical applications for wound transformers include power supply applications in fire and security control panels. These applications include control panels and control panel enclosures for CCTV cameras as well as building entry systems.

Sensor Solutions

Standex Electronics has supplied sensor solutions including magnetic reed switches for security and smart home security applications for more than 40 years. As sensors become smaller, our design team has found innovative ways to fit more capabilities into a smaller footprint. We maintain the highest possible switching ratings for voltage, current and power. We know that one size does not fit all — so we provide magnetic reed switch sensors from logic level applications to 240VAC power line switching. If you need design assistance, our experienced engineering team is ready to help. Years of working within varied security applications allows us to provide meaningful assistance no matter where you are in the design of your components. In addition, we also offer an unmatched array of in-house manufacturing capabilities including molding, winding, termination, assembly and stamping. Top notch designs and unrivaled manufacturing are backed up in our industry leading environmental test lab. All to ensure that when your reputation is on the line, you can trust Standex Electronics.

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