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Speedometer Measurement Using Reed Sensors


In today’s motor vehicles and motorcycles the driven distance is measured through an actuating shaft with gears connected to one wheel and indicated on the dashboard. Additional electrical signals are necessary for the on board computer to present details on specific parameters.

The rotational speed (RPM’s) of a wheel is transferred to a ring-magnet with multiple poles through the actuating shaft. The ring-magnet is covered by a copper casing and has a stiff shaft with indicator needle and a coil spring mounted to it.

Depending on the speed of the vehicle the magnet rotates and induces eddy currents into the copper casing.

The shaft with the indicator needle on the coil spring moves in a linear manner indicating the actual speed of the vehicle. Accordingly, the current speed of the vehicle is indicated on the speedometer.

The multiple poles of the magnet can also be used to generate square pulses. A Reed Sensor can detect this rotation without touching the actuator. Depending on the number of magnetic poles, the Reed Switch will close and open generating pulses that can be processed by the on board computer. This data is used to control motor specific parameters such as RPM’s, ignition, fuel injection, indicate speed, and much more.


  • Magnet and reed sensor are isolated and have no physical contact by typically having the magnet mounted on the handle and the reed sensors mounted and positioned to accurately pick up the handle motion
  • The reed switch used in the reed sensor is hermetically sealed and is therefore not sensitive to rough, wet environments
  • The permanent magnet is not affected by its environment
  • Tens of millions of reliable operations
  • Contacts are dynamically tested
MK06-4 Reed Sensor

M06 magnet sold separate

MK06-5 Reed Sensor

M06 magnet sold separate

MK06-6 Reed Sensor

M06 magnet sold separate

MK06-7 Reed Sensor

M06 magnet sold separate


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