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Today’s high tech electronic fields continue to prosper with innovative new products using finer and finer integrations that drive components smaller and smaller. Whether the electronic components are mounted on PCBs, at the wafer level or the finished component level, testing these components will require reed relays. Reed Relays are ideally used for switching applications requiring low and stable contact resistance, low capacitance, high insulation resistance, long life and small size. For specialty requirements such as high RF switching, very high voltage switching, extremely low voltage or low current switching, Reed Relays are ideal.

Standex Electronics reed relay products meet the tough demands of many test and measurement applications such as battery powered instruments requiring minimal power draw, high voltage testing, functional PCB testers, integrated circuit testers, medical equipment testers, and RF transmitters.  These are just a sample of the diverse test and measurement applications our reed relays address.


With the ever increasing requirements for instrumentation and test and measurement equipment, the need exists to be able make voltage and current measurements covering several orders of magnitude. From nano-volts to kilovolts and from fempto-amps to amps.  Standex Electronics's specialized reed relays have helped designers meet this challenge.  Some of our application include but are not limited to: data acquisition & scanning systems, multiplexers, printers, high-end multimeters, medical cauterizing generators, medical test systems, RF switching and transmitting requirements, functional board testers, semiconductor testers, oscilloscopes, integrated circuit testers, wafer testers, etc. Reed relays offer switching technology with unparalleled features such as:

  • Ability to switch up to 1 Amp
  • Carry currents as high as 15 amps with 100% duty cycle available
  • Input/output dielectric voltages up to 15k VDC
  • Isolation greater than 1 x 1014 Ohms
  • Long life with millions of reliable operations
  • Low offset voltages < 1 microvolt
  • Open state capacitance < 0.2 pF
  • Switch signals from DC up to 7 GHz
  • Switching voltages as high as 10k Volts
  • Hermetically sealed switches with epoxy encapsulation
  • Dynamically tested contacts

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