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The New World of Transportation Electronics – Planes, trains, automobiles and more… providing quality components for diverse applications.

Standex Electronics reed switches, reed sensors, reed relays, and magnetics are present in millions of operations daily within the transportation industry. With the growth in the number of on-board systems, the increasing number of “smart” features, and the importance of safety and security, convenience, and energy, these sensors are becoming an even more integral feature of next generation vehicles.

Marine & Boat

Many boat and marine electronics just like automobiles use reed sensor and level sensor products to detect position and/or monitor liquid levels.  Below are a few examples.

Power Magnetics

A very important innovation in the transportation arena is the planar transformer, which is being used more and more instead of traditional wire-wound transformers for low-profile applications where height is critical. More efficient and with enhanced electrical capacity, compact high power density planar transformers are typically 30 percent of the volume and weight of traditional wire-wound transformers, which eliminates many design constraints. Standex Electronics has developed planar transformers for use in a variety of in-cabin accessories power supplies, including a video system for police cars that can be stored under the seat, and a wireless headphone system that needed a slim profile.

Sensor Solutions

The importance of reed switch-based sensors in transportation sensor applications is abundant. From fluid level management, to magnetics for heavy construction vehicle satellite systems, to fuel injector coils, reed switch-based sensors have long played a key role in cars, trucks, and recreational vehicles.

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