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High Voltage Isolation Relays for Use in Isolation Applications

High voltage isolation relays
Alternative EnergyBattery ManagmentElectric VehiclesHigh Voltage IsolationMedicalTest and Measurement
“High voltage isolation relays protect people and sensitive circuitry” Introduction Whether we are talking about protecting personal safety or sensitive circuitry, Standex Electronics offers high-voltage relays that deliver high-isolation characteristics. Likewise, these relays reliably operate over a wide temperature range. Moreover, provide an economical way to carry out billions of switching...
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Planar Transformers for EV On-Board Chargers & DC-DC Converter Applications

Planar Transformer in EV
DC-DC ConvertersElectric VehicleMagneticsOn-Board ChargersPlanar Transformers
“Planar Transformers for EV offer power density in a small package and >99% high-frequency efficiency.” Introduction Automotive manufacturers are moving quickly to provide alternatives to gasoline and diesel run engines (ICEs). As a result, the Electric Vehicle (EV) market is growing at a rapid pace. Therefore, e-cars offer auto makers a clean...
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Reed Relays for Use in Solar Inverter and Photovoltaic Applications

PhotovoltaicReed RelaysSolar Inverters
Solar Inverters & Photovoltaics Have the Ability to Provide a More Effective, Eco-Friendly Solution This is the latest in a series of application-focused power distribution briefs. What are solar inverters? Solar inverters are separated electricity networks that send power to an AC grid. The two grids are connected while being...
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Planar Transformers & Power Magnetics for Military & Aerospace Applications

Power Magnetics for Military & Aerospace Applications
F-35Planar InductorPlanar TransformerPower MagneticsUAV
Custom Planar Transformers & Power Magnetics for Military & Aerospace Applications “When you are designing the most advanced jet fighter in the world, you never want to hear you’re grounded. That’s why customers trust Standex Electronics.” Standex Electronics has developed a diverse range of space-saving planar transformers and power magnetics for...
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E-Car Isolation Measurement

Reed Relays in E-car isolation measurement
E-CarIsolation MeasurementReed RelaysTransportation
Internal isolation measurement measurement systems requires a reliable switching component that can handle high voltage isolation. That’s where Reed relays come in. Hybrid and electric drivetrains in cars, trucks, and two-wheelers are introducing new, previously unknown challenges in the transportation industry. The 12V or 24V board net is now complemented...
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Extreme Temperature – Fluid Level Sensors

Fluid Level Sensors
Introduction There are several laboratory fluid systems that required fluid level monitoring to help control very elaborate equipment processes. This new float sensor has four sensing positions, three of which are dedicated to monitoring hot fluid levels, and the fourth to sense a low fluid level cut-off point. The fourth...
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Pioneering the Art of Craftsmanship and Innovation

Company HistoryPlanar TransformersReed RelaysReed SensorsReed Switches
Since the 1950’s, Standex Electronics has been leading efforts to advance the support of customers to solve the toughest of challenges through their innovation in component building capabilities. According to Merriam Webster’s definition of craftsmanship, it states it is “the quality of design and work that are shown in something...
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Magnetic Sensors in a Smart World (GMR, Reed, Hall, etc.)

Magnetic Sensors Reed Hall GMR
GMRHall SensorsMagnetic SensingReed Sensors
“Magnetic Sensors Tackle a Broad Range of Smart Sensing Applications” If there are particular areas you need help with, feel free to skip to any of the following sections: Introduction Magnetic Sensors Pair with Electronics for Remote Monitoring Types of Magnetic Activated Sensors How a Magnetic Sensor Works Conclusion Additional...
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Smart Sensing in Our Wireless World

Smart Sensing in Home Security
Hall SensorsReed SwitchesSmart HomeWireless Sensing
WE MATTER | WE CONNECT – Smart Sensing in Home Security If there are particular areas you need help with, feel free to skip to any of the following sections: Smart Sensing Bring Home Security Features Alive The Evolution of Sensors in the Security Market Connected Homes, Strong Engineering, and...
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Why Standex Electronics Reed Switches

Standex Electronics reed switches
Reed Switch PerformanceReed Switches
If there are particular areas you need help with, feel free to skip to any of the following sections: Reliability: Improving performance, reducing wear, custom features Why Standex Electronics Reed Switches Parameters to Consider When Choosing a Reed Switch Where reed switches reside Conclusion Additional Resources Reliability: Improving performance, reducing...
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