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Why Standex Electronics Planar Transformers

Standex Electronics Planar Transformers
Planar InductorPlanar Transformers
“Standex Electronics Planar Transformers offer improved power density and performance over-wire wound designs.” If there are particular areas you need help with, feel free to skip to any of the following sections: Introduction The Advantages of Planar Transformers Over Wire-Wound Why Standex Electronics Planar Transformers? General Guide on Designing with...
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Problem Solvers: Engineering Manager, Alex Vinnage

Flood Prevention SwitchesFluid Level SensorsWater In Fuel Sensors
Engineering Manager Tackles Projects with a Marine’s Mentality Alex Vinnage, Engineering Manager for Standex Electronics, has an innate ability to motivate, leads diverse teams, exudes a strong work ethic, and displays how previous experiences with the Marine Corps, P&G, and 3M has shaped him into the employee he is today. His path has enabled...
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Why Standex Electronics Fluid Level, Pressure, and Flow Sensors

Fluid Level Sensors in custom and standard packaging
Capacitive Level SensorFluid Level SensorsHall Level SensorReed Level Sensor
“Fluid level sensors that are reed switch based are low power devices that don’t require complex electronics, making them very appealing for most applications.” If there are particular areas you need help with, feel free to skip to any of the following sections: Introduction Standex Electronics Fluid Level Sensors Environmental...
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Why Standex Electronics Reed Relays and Reed Sensors

Reed RelaysReed Sensors
To meet the current electronic manufacturing trends surface mountable reed sensors and reed relays offer a long list of exceptional features when designed and packaged for surface mounting on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Their adaptable designs, rugged packaging, and capability of switching into the billions of operations make them an...
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