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MHV Reed Relay – best performance in its class

Standex Electronics MHV Series of High Isolation Reed Relays with a low footprint The MHV Relays expand the existing product range in the field of miniature SMD Relays. It is unique in the term of high voltage relays. No other relay combines the electrical and thermal properties like the compact...

What is a Reed Relay?

What is a Reed Relay? “What is a reed relay? A reed relay is a small electromagnetic switching device that integrates a coil around one or more reed switches. The energized coil creates the magnetic field used to control the switching operation.”   If there are particular areas you need help with, feel free to...

Reed Switches used in a Reed Relay Application

How a reed relay works “A reed relay application uses an electromagnet to control one or more reed switches. Reed relays are the answer to all of the other switching technologies that simply do not meet low-level switching requirements.”   If there are particular areas you need help with, feel free to skip to any...

High Voltage Isolation Relays for Use in Isolation Applications

High voltage isolation relays “High voltage isolation relays protect people and sensitive circuitry” Introduction Whether we are talking about protecting personal safety or sensitive circuitry, Standex Electronics offers high-voltage relays that deliver high-isolation characteristics. Likewise, these relays reliably operate over a wide temperature range. Moreover, provide an economical way to carry out billions of switching...

E-Car Isolation Measurement

Reed Relays in E-car isolation measurement Internal isolation measurement measurement systems requires a reliable switching component that can handle high voltage isolation. That’s where Reed relays come in. Hybrid and electric drivetrains in cars, trucks, and two-wheelers are introducing new, previously unknown challenges in the transportation industry. The 12V or 24V board net is now complemented...

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