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Northlake Engineering Custom Transformer Output Increases by 40%

Northlake Engineering facility for custom transformer manufacturing

“New Coil Winding Machine Increases Northlake Engineering Custom Transformer Output by 40%- the Industry’s Highest Quality & Most Reliable Transformers”

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Benefits of the New Coil Winding Machine
Northlake Engineering Custom Transformer Expertise


When manufacturing custom high voltage transformers, it is vital that they exceed all industry requirements and standards. Therefore, high voltage transformers must be produced with superior quality materials, intricate designs and robust configurations. Very precise coil winding machinery is used to achieve these stringent high voltage requirements. Hence, why the Northlake Engineering facility in Bristol, WI recently introduced a new coil winding machine.

Watch a video demonstration of the new coil winding machine

Benefits of the New Coil Winding Machine

The new coil winding machine is designed to help create high voltage transformers more quickly and without errors. Therefore, the machine operates via programmable logic controls (PLC) that use custom transformer winding software controlled from a computer. Programming that winds and feeds the interlayer paper automatically. Resulting in significant production cost cuts and 40% increased output compared to the previous equipment. Additionally, the PLC operation further reduced overall training time for operators from six months down to one.

Northlake Engineering Custom Transformer Expertise

Northlake Engineering has been designing, developing, and delivering custom magnetics solutions for over 60 years. Standex Electronics acquired Northlake Engineering on October 1st, 2015. Consequently, trust our custom transformer expertise allowing us to partner with many leading companies within medical, industrial equipment, and power management industries.

“Acquiring Northlake directly supports our Electronics Group strategy of expanding our high reliability magnetics business into adjacent markets to drive growth and profitability,” said Standex Chief Executive Officer David Dunbar. “Northlake is highly regarded for the performance and quality of its products, which complement our Standex Electronics offerings and position us to provide a wider array of solutions to customers in the power generation and medical equipment markets.”


We are very excited about the installation of our new coil winding machine. It increases transformer output in support of our end-to-end solutions that satisfy a wide breadth of markets and applications. In addition, this piece of machinery also provides our staff with the ability to produce the highest quality and most reliable transformers available. In summary, Northlake Engineering customers now have access to improved production for high quality custom transformers that meet a wide array of applications and equipment.

Contact us to learn more about Standex’s unsurpassed in-house manufacturing capabilities (stamping, molding, winding and termination) and solutions.

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