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We have produced automotive immobilizer security antennas for almost every major automotive manufacturer. We offer engineering design support with unsurpassed in-house capabilities including molding, stamping, winding, termination, and assembly. This gives us the capability to customize products to fit the varying needs of the automotive industry.

In addition to unparalleled design and manufacturing, Standex Electronics has a „global footprint“ which allows us to manufacture worldwide to simplify the shipping, logistics and costs of getting the parts wherever they are needed.

Other Custom Magnetic Products for Automotive Applications:

  • Immobilizer Coil; Fits Around Ignition Switch in Automotive Application
  • Molded Antenna Coils for Tire Pressure Monitoring Receiver and Security Systems
  • Keyless Receiver Antenna Coil Assembly for Motorcycle Application
  • Tire Pressure Monitor Coil Assembly; RF (Radio Frequency) Type; Installed Near Wheel in Automotive Application to Receive Pressure and Temperature Information
  • Immobilizer Coil; Is the Antenna Transmitter / Receiver for the Transponder Imbedded in the Key
  • Bobbin Wound High-Frequency Transformers for Automotive and Industrial Power Supply Application
  • Immobilizer Coil: Custom-molded by Standex Electronics for Specific Automotive Applications
  • Surface-Mount Insert Molded Power Inductor for DC-DC Converter and Power Supply Applications; Patented Robust Construction is Ideal for Automotive and other Industrial Applications or Where Space and Weight are at a Premium
  • Dual Solenoid Coil for Anti-lock Brake Application for Truck Air Brakes
  • Drum Core Inductor for Automotive and Industrial Power Supply Applications
  • Electronic Key Fob for Door Lock Systems
  • Immobilizer; Transmitter / Receiver for Automotive Anti-Theft Systems
  • Immobilizer Coil; Antenna Transmitter / Receiver for Automotive Application
  • Antenna Coil for Automotive Application; fits in the Outside Mirror
  • Self-Supported Air Winding for Antenna Transmitter and Receiver Applications


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