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Füllstandsüberwachung Wischwasser


Standex Electronics supplies windshield washer fluid level sensors for many OEM automotive customers. Our designs eliminate common potential failure modes found in competitive windshield washer Fluid sensors.

Our family of windshield washer fluid sensors includes 45 designs with 8 different standard connectors. From logic level loads to incandescent lamp loads and options for supervised circuits which are either normally open or normally closed — Standex Electronics has a windshield washer fluid sensor for virtually every application.

If we have not already designed it, we can build it with our unsurpassed capabilities including in house molding, winding, termination, assembly and stamping.

Product Solutions - Kundenspezifische Elektronik und Füllstandsensoren - Automobil Markt


  • Customized packages that fit the required form, function, and specifications as necessary
  • In-house expertise and manufacturing related to engineering, design, plastic/insert molding, in-house tooling, etc.
  • In-house dynamic contact resistance (DCR) testing is used to determine any tiny flaws in the reed switch that could result in early life failures
  • Sensor design can include onboard or remote signal electronics for custom signal outputs or discreet voltage outputs

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