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E-Car Isolation Measurement


Two electric cars are parked in the center of a town while they are being recharged at a power station on September 08, 2013 in the Netherlands. Bigstock photo

Hybrid and electric drivetrains in cars, trucks, and two-wheelers are introducing new, previously unknown challenges in the transportation industry. The 12V or 24V board net is now complemented with a 400V or higher battery and power system, which introduce a completely new set of requirements for the car OEMs and system module providers.

Operating with such high voltage and current in a harsh automotive environment drive the need for robust and long-term stable solutions for isolating high voltage levels from other electronic functions but most importantly from the passengers.

This isolation need is present in all functions of the hybrid and electric vehicle, like the high voltage battery, the DC-DC converter, the inverter for driving the electric motor, and also for the charger module connected to the 230V/380V power grid. Therefore, electronic vehicles contain an internal measurement system.

This system checks all electrical parameters like isolation and dielectric strength (isolation resistance between active and electronic components and the frame). To switch or cut such a measurement system to the power system, a high isolation is required.

Reed relays from Standex Electronics are more than suitable to fulfill such requirements. Despite its small size, the relay has an isolation resistance of up to >10 G Ohm. Another advantage is low power consumption. Reed relays only need energy during the switching process, which has a positive influence on the overall efficiency of the E-Car. Reed relays are well sealed, making them insensitive to dirty and dusty environments.

The images [below] depict Standex Electronics’s ever broadening electric vehicle and alternative energy product solutions, including the SHV & KT relay series and planar transformers.


 3  reasons to choose high-voltage isolation relays from Standex Electronics:
  • High isolation
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life expectancy

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