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Reed-Schalter und dynamische Kontaktwiderstandsprüfung

dynamische Kontaktwiderstandsprüfung
Dynamic Contact ResistanceReed SchalterReed Switch Performance
„Die dynamische Kontaktwiderstandsprüfung ist notwendig, um einen fehlerfreien Betrieb, maximale Effizienz und weitere Innovation bei Reedschaltern zu gewährleisten. „ Falls Sie Hilfe zu Einzelbereichen benötigen, können Sie jederzeit zu den folgenden Abschnitten springen: Einführung Was ist eine dynamische Kontaktwiderstandsprüfung? Erkennung dynamischer Kontaktwiderstandsfehler Prüffaktoren für den dynamischen Kontaktwiderstand Fazit Zusätzliche Ressourcen...
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Standex Electronics Unveils New Vacuum Impregnation Machine that Improves Sealing Capabilities to Eliminate the Negative Effects of Porosities for Customers

Standex Electronics Mexico
MagneticsMagnetische ProdukteProduktionTransformatoren
The Standex Electronics facility in Agua Prieta, Mexico, has added a LOCTITE® vacuum impregnation machine to its operation to further improve the quality and regulatory compliance of its components. When designing and manufacturing high-quality electronic components, sealing through vacuum impregnation is vital to ensuring that they exceed all industry requirements and...
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Northlake Engineering Custom Transformer Output Increases by 40%

Northlake Engineering facility for custom transformer manufacturing
MagneticsMagnetische ProdukteNorthlake EngineeringProduktionTransformatoren
„New Coil Winding Machine Increases Northlake Engineering Custom Transformer Output by 40%- the Industry’s Highest Quality & Most Reliable Transformers“   If there are particular areas you need help with, feel free to skip to any of the following sections: Introduction Benefits of the New Coil Winding Machine Northlake Engineering...
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Erweitertes Portfolio der SMD Reed Sensoren durch den 6,4mm großen MK31

MK31 SMD reed sensor
MK31 SerieSMD Reed SensorenSMD Sensoren
Standex Electronics hat zu seinem Produktportfolio der SMD Reed Sensoren, die Ultraminiatur MK31 Reed Sensor Serie hinzugefügt. Da tragbare elektronische Geräte immer kleiner werden, steigt auch die Nachfrage nach kleinen elektronischen Bauteilen. Daher sind sowohl intelligentere, als auch energieeffizientere Designs auf dem Vormarsch. Neben dem MK24 ist der MK31 einer der kleinsten...
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Product Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Standex Electronics offers optocouplers, reed relays, switches, sensors, and magnetics in the oil and gas industry The Oil & Gas industry is essential, providing gas in our cars and fuel for commercial and industrial application needs. Standex Electronics 530-03 Series Optocouplers provides galvanic separation of intrinsic safety circuits with an isolation voltage...
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High Voltage Isolation Relays for Use in Isolation Applications

Alternative EnergienBatteriemanagementsystemeElektrofahrzeugenHohe IsolationspannungMedizinische GeräteTest- und Messtechnik
„High voltage isolation relays protect people and sensitive circuitry“ Introduction Whether we are talking about protecting personal safety or sensitive circuitry, Standex Electronics offers high-voltage relays that deliver high-isolation characteristics. Likewise, these relays reliably operate over a wide temperature range. Moreover, provide an economical way to carry out billions of switching...
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Planar Transformers for EV On-Board Chargers & DC-DC Converter Applications

DC-DC-WandlerElektrofahrzeugeMagneticsPlanar Spulen & TransformatorenSchnellladesystemen
Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming a burgeoning market due to various automotive manufacturers utilizing engineering technologies and producing products that provide alternatives to gasoline and diesel based internal combustion engines (ICEs). E-cars mitigate this by utilizing chemical energy that is stored in rechargeable energy packs. With this, planar magnetics must be able...
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Reed Relays for Use in Solar Inverter and Photovoltaic Applications

PhotovoltaikReed RelaisWechselrichter
Solar Inverters & Photovoltaics Have the Ability to Provide a More Effective, Eco-Friendly Solution This is the latest in a series of application-focused power distribution briefs. What are solar inverters? Solar inverters are separated electricity networks that send power to an AC grid. The two grids are connected while being...
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Standex Electronics Offers Power Magnetics & Planar Transformers for Mil-Aero Applications

F-35Magnetische ProduktePlanar SpulenPlanar TransformatorenUAV
A wide array of magnetics solutions for a variety of Mil-Aero applications Standex Electronics has developed diverse components ranging from traditional wire-wound magnetics to space-saving planar transformers and inductors for the Military & Aerospace market. „When you are designing the most advanced jet fighter in the world, you never want...
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E-Car Isolation Measurement

E-CarHochspannungsisolationsschutzReed RelaisVerkehrsmittel
  Hybrid and electric drivetrains in cars, trucks, and two-wheelers are introducing new, previously unknown challenges in the transportation industry. The 12V or 24V board net is now complemented with a 400V or higher battery and power system, which introduce a completely new set of requirements for the car OEMs...
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