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Erweitertes Portfolio der SMD Reed Sensoren durch den 6,4mm großen MK31

MK31 SMD reed sensor Standex Electronics hat zu seinem Produktportfolio der SMD Reed Sensoren, die Ultraminiatur MK31 Reed Sensor Serie hinzugefügt. Da tragbare elektronische Geräte immer kleiner werden, steigt auch die Nachfrage nach kleinen elektronischen Bauteilen. Daher sind sowohl intelligentere, als auch energieeffizientere Designs auf dem Vormarsch. Neben dem MK24 ist der MK31 einer der kleinsten...

Product Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Standex Electronics offers optocouplers, reed relays, switches, sensors, and magnetics in the oil and gas industry The Oil & Gas industry is essential, providing gas in our cars and fuel for commercial and industrial application needs. Standex Electronics 530-03 Series Optocouplers provides galvanic separation of intrinsic safety circuits with an isolation voltage...

Extreme Temperature – Fluid Level Sensors

Introduction There are several laboratory fluid systems that required fluid level monitoring to help control very elaborate equipment processes. This new float sensor has four sensing positions, three of  which are dedicated to monitoring hot fluid levels, and the fourth to sense a low fluid level cut-off point. The fourth...

Pioneering the Art of Craftsmanship and Innovation

Since the 1950’s, Standex Electronics has been leading efforts to advance the support of customers to solve the toughest of challenges through their innovation in component building capabilities. According to Merriam Webster’s definition of craftsmanship, it states it is “the quality of design and work that are shown in something...



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