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New Vacuum Impregnation Machine Improves Negative Effects of Porosities

Standex Electronics Mexico

„Standex Electronics Unveils New Vacuum Impregnation Machine that Improves Sealing Capabilities to Eliminate the Negative Effects of Porosities for Customers“

The Standex Electronics facility in Agua Prieta, Mexico, has added a LOCTITE® vacuum impregnation machine to its operation to further improve the quality and regulatory compliance of its components. When designing and manufacturing high-quality electronic components, sealing through vacuum impregnation is vital to ensuring that they exceed all industry requirements and expectations. With the use of resins that cure to an impermeable thermoset polymer, it is possible to fully seal against fluids, gasses, and other external influences. Not only is the new vacuum impregnation machine fully automated, but its sealing ability ensures electronic components are protected from corrosion or oxidation.


To introduce this offering, Henkel, the owner of LOCTITE, provided Standex Electronics with an on-site impregnation service center. With the implementation of vacuum impregnation, Standex customers will no longer face the negative effects of porosities, including cost of scrapping, loss of production, dissatisfied end users or even lost business. The new vacuum impregnation machine provides added value in this area by sealing like none other.


Designed to help create a safer, effective and more permanent solution to the sealing and transfer of metal and electronic components, vacuum impregnation provides a foolproof process to prepare, impregnate and seal the parts at hand. Not only will it provide a more seamless operation for Standex Electronics in Mexico, but it will also cut costs by providing customers with a permanent, reliable sealing solution that will prevent leakages and porosities from happening. The benefits of vacuum impregnation are countless, from process optimization and performance enhancement to sustainability.


To learn more about Standex’s unsurpassed in-house manufacturing capabilities, including stamping, molding, winding and termination, please click here.New_Vacuum_Impregnation_Machine_4




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