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Planar Transformers & Power Magnetics for Military & Aerospace Applications

Power magnetics and planar transformers for Mil-Aero

Custom Planar Transformers & Power Magnetics for Military & Aerospace Applications

„When you are designing the most advanced jet fighter in the world, you never want to hear you’re grounded. That’s why customers trust Standex Electronics.“

Standex Electronics has developed a diverse range of space-saving planar transformers and power magnetics for Military and Aerospace applications. So, we understand the mechanical package design needs that perform reliably in harsh Military environments. Therefore, Standex custom power conversion magnetic designs withstand thermal vibration and meet Military specifications, providing high reliability.

We Deliver to Your Application Specific Needs

We help customers solve the toughest of challenges through our partner, solve, and deliver® approach. Our engineers work closely with you to understand your needs and develop custom quality magnetics that deliver results. Results, that deliver on the promise of quality, high-reliability, and efficiency. Furthermore, we can meet almost any application specific needs. We produce low frequency (400Hz) and high frequency (20KHz to RF) magnetics. Below is a list of some military, space and flight grade application examples.

Planar and Custom Power Magnetics Applications

  • Aircraft controls
  • Satellite & space applications
  • Engine controls
  • Naval ship board power supplies
  • Current transformers
  • UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) electrical power and control

In-house Military power conversion magnetics capabilities


Moreover, our manufacturing capabilities suit military and aerospace customers very well. For instance, we offer automatic CNC, toroidal hook and shuttle winding using 52 gauge to 5 gauge magnetic wire. Additionally, we can wind bobbins, layers, or self-supporting windings of foil, flat, or square wire. Likewise, our robust mechanical designs include impregnation, casting, molding, encapsulation, and vacuum potting for high voltage and other unique applications. Lastly, our magnetics solutions are fully optimized using in-house MIL-STD testing according to AS9100. 

In-House Mil-STD Qualification Testing & Certifications

Check out the full list of MIL-STD testing and certifications below.

  • ITAR
  • Mil-Std 202
    •  Mechanical, Shock & Vibration
    •  Burn-In & Life Testing
    •  Thermal Shock & Temperature Cycling
    •  Humidity, Salt, Fog, & Solderability
    •  Moisture Resistance & Seal Testing
  • Mil-Std 981
  • Mil-PRF 27
  • AS9100 (NASA standard NHB 9793.3)
  • TS16949
  • ISO9000

Hybrid Aerospace Design Couples Planar Transformer & Inductor

Planar magnetics offer a significant size and weight reduction as well as >99% efficiency, compared to wire-wound magnetics. Planar transformers and inductors come in standard core sizes and custom configurations in an overall power range of 10W-250kW. Moreover, planar transformers offering superior thermal management using an attached substrate and heatsink.

Standex has worked in tandem with a space satellite manufacturer on a fully custom packaged planar transformer and inductor solution. The design integrated a planar transformer and inductor in a single package. Which resulted in a significant space reduction compared to individually placed wire-wound transformers. Watch the below video to learn about the coupled hybrid aerospace solution we developed. 


Aerospace Planar Transformer video


Contact us today to partner on your next Military & Aerospace application. 

Additional Resources

For more information and reference designs, check out our some of Planar Magnetics and Power Magnetic literature below.

Planar Magnetics Design Guide

Planar Magnetics Design Guide

Power Magnetics product line brochure

Power Magnetics product line brochure

Power Magnetics Infographic

Power Magnetics Infographic



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