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Power Management Solutions

“Standex is a preferred supplier to the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical power distribution and management systems.”

We engineer power management solutions that operate in energy conservation technology systems, multi-function power system protection and control equipment, and medium voltage overhead distribution systems. Custom current sense products and modules are well suited for many smart grid and power monitoring applications. Our engineers routinely work with customers to develop custom solutions to their challenging projects.

Some value–added examples of our power management solutions include:

  • Shielding to isolate current from downstream components
  • Special mechanical packaging
  • Single or double sided PCB with ground planes to reduce noise
  • Potting, casting, and impregnation for environmental protection, electrical isolation, and insulation system longevity

Power Management Solutions


  • 52 to 5awg Magnetic Wire Winding
  • Zylinder-, Scheiben- Rechteckwicklung
  • Automatische CNC Wicklung
  • Spulenkörper, Lagenwicklung & Selbstragende Wicklungen
  • Spezielle Spulenwicklungsverfahren
  • Thermoplastic & Thermoset Overmolding
  • Imprägnierung, Umspritz- und Vergussverfahren
  • Hohlraumfreies Vergussverfahren
  • Kabelkonfektionierung & Kabelbaummontage
  • Plasmaoberflächenbehandlung
  • Metal- und Plastikverarbeitung
  • Simulationssoftware für Magnetismus
  • Hochspannungs-/Teilentladungsmessung
  • Volllast- und Temperaturanstiegtest
  • Zulassungen der Regulierungsbehörden

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