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Beyond the Basic Reed Switch and Sensor

Beyond the basic reed switch and sensor

„From a basic reed switch to fully customized, meticulously engineered solutions that take even the most complex applications to new heights“

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The Bare Necessities
Basic Reed Switch to Relay
Making Sensors
Custom Engineered, Customer-Focused
Quality Components to Quality Caffeine Fix
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Imagine you find a Reed Switch or Hall-effect component that basically… almost… fulfills your unique application requirements. For some, the story ends there. And then, there’s Standex, where “basically” is not on the table.

Read on to explore the Standex journey from a simple magnetic switch to fully customized, meticulously engineered solutions. Taking even the most complex applications to new heights.

Stage One: The Bare Necessities

First things first: you are designing a product that will require reliable, low-power, rugged switching over a wide temperature range. Your search begins with the standard, stock reed switch offerings. Standex Electronics is the world’s largest manufacturer of reed switches, producing more than 700 million each year. Standex’s portfolio includes thousands of standard reed switches from KOFU (formerly known as OKI Sensor Device Corp.), MEDER and KENT. Each series covers an extensive range of sizes and unique switching capabilities.

Beyond the Basic Reed Switch and Sensor

An unmodified reed switch is its most basic form.

Explore Reed Switches button

Find the basic product which best matches your application needs. If you need a little help, never hesitate to reach out – our engineering team can work with you to identify the part you need. Then, it’s onto…

Stage Two: Basic Reed Switch to Relay

Once you have selected your reed switch, it’s time to cut, form, and mold the switch to develop a reed relay. Standex specializes in the development and innovation of reed technology. From developing the basic component to molding and shaping it to full customization.

Our company’s philosophy is “Partner, Solve, Deliver®,” because we collaborate directly with our customers to understand your application’s exact needs. Help to solve your complex design challenges and deliver the ultimate custom solution. Along the way, we’re discovering methods to improve cost and efficiency – all part of our customer-driven-innovation approach.

Reed Relay Infographic

Reed Relay Infographic

Explore Reed Relays from Standex Electronics

Stage Three: Making Sensors

The Reed sensor builds upon the relay with the basic reed switch at their heart. Paired with a permanent magnet, the reed sensor is ideal as a proximity sensor or metal detection sensor. Additionally, sensing movement, liquid level and flow. Making them a critical component of thousands of important applications in every industry.

Standex offers a variety of standard reed sensor products in hundreds of sizes, shapes, and contact forms. But custom reed sensors are our specialty; we’ll work with you to design custom sensor packaging including housing, cables, magnets, plug options, and mounting options.

In addition to reed sensors, we also offer a wide selection of custom Hall-effect sensors, often a “solid” match for specific applications due to their solid-state construction.


Magnetic Sensor Technologies Infographic

Magnetic Sensor Technologies Infographic

Hall-Effect Sensors Infographic

Hall-Effect Sensors Infographic

Basic Reed Switch | Explore Reed Sensors from Standex Electronics

Stage Four: Custom Engineered, Customer-Focused

At this point in the solution process, we’re ready for the real magic to begin: the full customization. Standex offers a robust list of capabilities and solutions dedicated to engineering, designing, and delivering the exact solution you need for your application.

Thanks to decades of sensing and switching experience, global resources, and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, we can create custom engineered relays and sensors that meet the most complex demands.

Customization options include high frequency, high voltage, high density, custom injection molded housings, PCB assembly, and much more.

Final Product: Quality Components to Quality Caffeine Fix

What began as a bare or basic reed or Hall-effect switch is now a fully customized sensor solution, ready to go to work in your application. This calls for a cuppa! Fittingly, today’s sophisticated coffee and espresso machines are a perfect example of Standex magnetic sensors with an important job to do.

Reed sensors are particularly ideal for performing the proximity, position and level detection tasks necessary for water tanks, milk containers, drip trays, grounds containers, automated brewing, and more.

Hermetically sealed, corrosion-resistant, and highly compact, our reed switches, sensors, floats, and magnetics – both standard and custom – are assisting in creating the perfect brew for thousands of customers.

Coffee & Espresso Machine Reed Sensor


If your application requires one of the standard products from our catalog, that’s clearly the best approach and the quickest solution to satisfying your design requirement. However, more than half of our shipped relays are from special requirements. Since many switching and sensing requirements are unique, working with customers on their special applications is expected. Send us your requirements!

If the standard reed switch based or hall-effect products don’t perfectly meet your requirements, a full suite of custom services is available for them. These services include PCB assembly, high power switches, cable and connector options, and even stainless-steel laser welding from our Standex Tool Shop team.

Because at Standex, “custom is standard.”

Additional Resources

Download one of our product-line brochures to see a list of our standard offering.




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