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RM05-8A-S – Innovation auf Kleinstem Raum

The new 8-pole Reed Relay Design, Saves 25% PCB Space

Reed Relay Module RM05-8A-S

The next generation in 8-pole reed relay module design has arrived! Now with a 25% smaller footprint, our new RM05-8-S model outshines our existing RM05-8A. At only 33 x 6.95 x 14.05mm, the RM05-8-S is equipped with 8 internal reed switches and the most up-to-date generation of integrated drivers, eliminating the need for external activation electronics.

Its smaller size and standardized dual-in-line pin out configuration makes it highly suitable for a broader range of smaller applications in the test and measurement, telecommunications and high frequency markets.

Moreover, the RM05-8-S is designed with gold plated leads for improved solderability. Use a single relay module individually or simply interconnect several RM modules in parallel to increase the overall storage capacity of input-signal-bits.

The relay reaches a rated power of up to 10 W with a maximum switching voltage of maximum 170 VDC and a switching current of maximum 0,5 A.

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