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Standex Electronics Simplifies Supply Chain for Industrial Air Handler

Cincinnati, OH – January 24, 2011 – A manufacturer of industrial air handlers recently learned that supply problems are more than a mere nuisance – especially when those problems create manufacturing delays. This company needed a vendor to deliver float level sensors which integrate seamlessly with their OEM equipment and communicate effectively with downstream pumps – and to deliver the components on time and within budget. Standex Electronics delivered – allowing the company to keep their delivery commitments.

Standex provided a float level sensor which consists of a magnetic reed switch and a custom molded float – along with the necessary wiring to send a signal to upstream components. In this case, since the float is used in a condensate collector, the float sensor triggers a switch when the condensate reaches a certain level – to switch the pump on.

See the Condensate Float Level Sensor Case History PDF.

As a world leader in the manufacture and design of magnetic reed switches – Standex engineers were able to fit one within a custom molded float, which was designed to suit the particular requirements of the project at hand. With custom capabilities, Standex never imposes restrictions on float dimensions, connections, and materials of construction.

In addition to supplying custom wiring harnesses, wire terminations and connectors, Standex also supplies the wire in whatever length is required, so that the assembly can be optimized at any actuation point.

In fact, Standex engineers even provided this customer with the ability to adapt their product line by offering differing condensate drainage connections and electronic connectors to meet virtually any requirement. A 3/8 – 16 UNC straight thread is available with and without an optional O-ring, a 1/8-27 NPT thread is also offered. Either version is available with 120V or 240V reed switch (for required applications, including export) _ giving this manufacturer the ability to meet their customer requirements painlessly.

This manufacturer found that working with Standex Electronics is about more than merely purchasing components. Standex engineers have become trusted advisors – with engineering expertise available at each step of the process. And its „global footprint“ allows Standex to design and prove projects in high-value areas, then manufacture them cost effectively worldwide _ closer to where they are needed – thus simplifying supply chain. This „global reach with a local touch“ was just the right touch for this manufacturer of industrial air handling equipment.

About Standex Electronics

Standex Electronics is a subsidiary of Standex International Corporation www.Standex.com, a publicly traded diversified manufacturer of many products. (NYSE-SXI). Standex Electronics is a global manufacturer of custom electro-mechanical devices such as reed switches, sensors, coils, transformers, chokes, antenna coils, and other components. Their in-house capabilities include the ability to add value-added components and services including connectors, over-molding, potting, mounting brackets, and more. Standex Electronics has factories in the United States, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Canada, and China. All facilities are ISO 9001 registered for quality assurance. For more information contact Standex Electronics, Inc., 4538 Camberwell Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209, USA, or visit www.StandexElectronics.com, e-mail to Standex@StandexElectronics.com or call (513) 871-3777.

For more information on Standex Electronics, please visit us on the web at www.standexelectronics.com

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Julie Dargie
Standex Electronics
+1-508-295-0771 ext. 111
Brian Siegel
Standex Electronics

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