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Einsatz von Reedschaltern in Reedrelais-Applikationen

„In Reedrelais-Applikationen wird ein Elektromagnet zum Betätigen von einem oder mehreren Reedschaltern verwendet. Reedrelais eignen sich besser als andere Technologien für das Schalten von Kleinsignalen.“ Falls Sie Hilfe zu Einzelbereichen benötigen, können Sie jederzeit zu den folgenden Abschnitten springen: Einführung Was ist ein Reedrelais? Wie funktioniert ein Reedrelais? Eigenschaften eines Reedrelais Vorteile von Reedrelais Wo… Erfahren Sie mehr

Reed Relays for Use in Solar Inverter and Photovoltaic Applications

Solar Inverters & Photovoltaics Have the Ability to Provide a More Effective, Eco-Friendly Solution This is the latest in a series of application-focused power distribution briefs. What are solar inverters? Solar inverters are separated electricity networks that send power to an AC grid. The two grids are connected while being in a safe operating environment… Erfahren Sie mehr

E-Car Isolation Measurement

Internal isolation measurement measurement systems requires a reliable switching component that can handle high voltage isolation. That’s where Reed relays come in. Hybrid and electric drivetrains in cars, trucks, and two-wheelers are introducing new, previously unknown challenges in the transportation industry. The 12V or 24V board net is now complemented with a 400V or higher… Erfahren Sie mehr

Pioneering the Art of Craftsmanship and Innovation

Since the 1950’s, Standex Electronics has been leading efforts to advance the support of customers to solve the toughest of challenges through their innovation in component building capabilities. According to Merriam Webster’s definition of craftsmanship, it states it is “the quality of design and work that are shown in something made by hand”, “or something… Erfahren Sie mehr

Why Standex Electronics Reed Relays and Reed Sensors

To meet the current electronic manufacturing trends surface mountable reed sensors and reed relays offer a long list of exceptional features when designed and packaged for surface mounting on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Their adaptable designs, rugged packaging, and capability of switching into the billions of operations make them an ideal design against other switching… Erfahren Sie mehr

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