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Problem Solvers: Engineering Manager, Alex Vinnage

Engineering Manager Tackles Projects with a Marine Mentality

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Alex Vinnage, Engineering Manager for Standex Electronics, has an innate ability to motivate, leads diverse teams, exudes a strong work ethic, and displays how previous experiences with the Marine Corps, P&G, and 3M has shaped him into the employee he is today. His path has enabled him to partner and develop strategies around design and product engineering with a warrior ethos mentality. A husband, dad, friend, Marine, a dedicated co-worker – Alex approaches personal efforts and professional projects with an attitude similar to our company’s culture and identity to achieve reliable high-quality craftsmanship by way of product development.

As a  Marine Corps veteran, Alex tackled projects and  pushed through with unmatched perseverance during the final test of Marine Corps recruit training, the Crucible:

I remember when I was tackling the Crucible, our Marine test…I approach the challenges a customer has, and problems we are solving for a project with the same attitude, teamwork, and attention to detail.

Likewise, engineers and project managers must define a plan and strategy in the design and manufacture of products while moving through problem-solving methods with a customer-first focus. Overall, the juxtaposition of both a Marine and an Engineer is one of keen leadership skills and qualities that are to be found in both environments. Being proactive, rather than reactive, and utilizing ‚learning‘ patterns that enable improvement through feedback, allows us to better win for the customer’s benefit.

Alex has most recently made tremendous impact via managing the product design and engineering of Water-In-Fuel (WIF) Sensor capabilities, as well as a variety of fluid level, smart sensing, and programmable hall-effect sensors around the parameters and applications of containers, reservoirs, urea tanks, and the viscosity of liquids in the Automotive and Appliance markets. He has also worked with teams to innovate our Flood Prevention Switch (FPS) product line, which has helped us attain credibility as a leader in the HVAC market. These FPS series based products have a plug-and-play factor allowing a much simpler setup and ease-of-use.


LL Sensors Group_6inFPS_PackageGroup_v1group_planar-transformer_planar-inductors_fluid-levelLL R12456_1in


A great example of where Alex and his team were able to meet a customer’s request with our Flood Prevention Switch, was when our team developed a strategic partnership with a new supplier. Alex and the Engineers at Standex Electronics were able to research and develop a creative solution, as detailed below, and noted in our application alley:

By leveraging our technical mastery in the fluid level sensor market, we were able to create a new design that not only one-upped the competition, but also created a product that leveled the playing field in the market. Because of this, we have empowered our current and potential customers by giving them another viable option for condensate fluid level sensors that no only meet the requirement, they exceed it.

While some products in these applications are standard, many are also custom, allowing Alex and his team to delve into relatable niches based on size, capacity, and the ultimate end-result part(s) needed by the client. Standex Electronics’s diverse capabilities and dynamic products allow leaders like Alex to solve problems for our customers that deliver an innovative solution with quality impact via materials, costs, production, engineering, tooling, design, and more.

Whether it be a WIF sensor in a heavy-duty truck, an FPS switch in an AC unit, or a custom or standard fluid level sensor for the washer fluid in your car, Alex along with the Engineering team at Standex Electronics can „Partner | Solve | Deliver®“ with you on your next project. Feel free to reach out to us here.

















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