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Pioneering the Art of Craftsmanship and Innovation


Since the 1950’s, Standex Electronics has been leading efforts to advance the support of customers to solve the toughest of challenges through their innovation in component building capabilities. According to Merriam Webster’s definition of craftsmanship, it states it is “the quality of design and work that are shown in something made by hand”, “or something that’s built through a skilled ability or trade.”

As Standex continues to custom build complex and standard parts by hand, they have also utilized the craftsmanship of today’s technology and machinery to continue the trend of innovation that helps solve problems that allow customers to win in the marketplace. Whether that’s through hand-crafting custom wire-wound magnetics, or utilizing automation through punch press machines, insert molding, x-ray machine, hermetic sealing, diverse lab and testing capabilities, complex winding, 3D printing technology, and more. Standex is dedicated to arming their teams & global facilities with the necessary tools to make them as agile as possible.

Standex is constantly seeking ways to advance the quality of design and manufacturing that nimbly enables reliable high-quality products to be provided. They have a long history of craftsmanship in manufacturing dating back to 1969 when Standex International purchased the Paul Smith Company. Since that time, there have been more than a dozen additional strategic acquisitions that have allowed Standex to be at the forefront of pioneering a diverse array of products such as reed switches, relays, and sensors, as well as fluid level sensors, and magnetics. In more recent years, they have expanded their product line breadth around the magnetics area through planar transformers and inductors that enable alternatives to traditional wire-wound components for improved solution options for power management, surface height, space, weight, and more.

These products and technologies are made by our number one asset – our valued employees. Our teams of “builders, makers, dreamers, and doers” work on the operations, production lines, engineering, customer service, sales, marketing, and other key functions to bring our craftsmanship to life.



We are builders, makers, thinkers, and doers. With our partner, solve, and deliver® approach and through customer intimacy, we focus on building and driving that approach to mold a solid foundational relationship. Our team strives to make your everyday life better through our products. We are here to help add value to performance such as horsepower, safety, sensing, switching, cycles, turns, flow, power management, and other dynamic application-based engineering, to serve markets like Appliance, Automotive, Aviation, Mil-Aero, HVAC, Medical, Lighting, Industrial, Power, and more.


Helping customers win
Standard Operating Model: Partner | Solve | Deliver ®


When looking at our process and approach to serving customers, we discovered three main areas of action. Our teams at Standex seek to strategically invest and partner with customers to solve challenges, then ultimately deliver positive impact from the quality solutions and products provided. We make a customer’s problem our challenge as well. Standex continues driving success by this customer first approach, and values like collaboration, passion, care, perseverance, listening, and teamwork.

Purpose, values, and principals

We exist to serve our customers with reliable, high-quality products and exemplary service. Through our hard work, dedication to operational excellence, strong leadership, making smart decisions, and implementing actions through behavior that aligns to our values – we strive to help customers win in a value-added market.

Standex Strong
World class solutions and global footprint


Through our people, products, services, investments, and global supply chain, and operations – we strategically position ourselves to continually evolve our craftsmanship. With global facilities throughout the United States, Germany, China, Mexico, and the United Kingdom — Standex offers lean and cost-effective supply chain solutions.

Our passion is to conquer our customer’s toughest challenges as true partners. It’s the essence of why we exist and is infused throughout our culture and attitude. We aspire to delight our customer through relationship-driven collaboration. This is achieved through our engineering, dynamic capabilities, and diverse product offerings.

Feel free to reach out to us at info@standexelectronics.com and discover how we can Partner | Solve | Deliver® with you on your next project!






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