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BHシリーズ リードリレー






コイル電圧 (VDC5, 12, 24
コイル抵抗 (Ω)100-1600
接点形式1A-4A (SPST) Normally Open (N.O.)
定格電力 max.100W/1000VDC/1A
接点間耐電圧3kVDC and above





アイテム番号データシート代理店地域数量チャート見積依頼Inventory Date
BH24-1A85-M MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 見積依頼2024-05-29
BH12-4A85-M MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 見積依頼2024-05-29
BH12-1A85-M MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 見積依頼2024-05-29
BH12-2A85-M MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 見積依頼2024-05-29
BH12-2A85-M Heilind ElectronicsAmericas0 見積依頼2024-05-28
BH12-4A85-M Heilind ElectronicsAmericas0 見積依頼2024-05-28
BH12-4A85-BV88866Heilind ElectronicsAmericas0 見積依頼2024-05-28
BH24-1A85-M Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas20 購入する 見積依頼2024-05-28
BH12-4A85-M Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas30 購入する 見積依頼2024-05-28
BH12-1A85-M Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas30 購入する 見積依頼2024-05-28
BH12-2A85-M Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas30 購入する 見積依頼2024-05-28
BHStandex FactoryAmericas0 見積依頼2024-05-29
BH24-1A85-M Arrow ElectronicsAmericas30 購入する 見積依頼2024-05-29


BH05-1A85-M51ASPST-NO< 100 W< 1000 VDCThrough Hole (THT)Magnetic ShieldElectrostatic shield
BH05-2A85-M52ASPST-NO< 100 W< 1000 VDCThrough Hole (THT)Magnetic ShieldElectrostatic shield
BH05-3A85-M53ASPST-NO< 100 W< 1000 VDCThrough Hole (THT)Magnetic ShieldElectrostatic shield
BH05-4A85-M54ASPST-NO< 100 W< 1000 VDCThrough Hole (THT)Magnetic ShieldElectrostatic shield
BH12-1A85-M121ASPST-NO< 100 W< 1000 VDCThrough Hole (THT)Magnetic ShieldElectrostatic shield
BH12-2A85-M122ASPST-NO< 100 W< 1000 VDCThrough Hole (THT)Magnetic ShieldElectrostatic shield
BH12-3A85-M123ASPST-NO< 100 W< 1000 VDCThrough Hole (THT)Magnetic ShieldElectrostatic shield
BH12-4A85-M124ASPST-NO< 100 W< 1000 VDCThrough Hole (THT)Magnetic ShieldElectrostatic shield
BH24-1A85-M241ASPST-NO< 100 W< 1000 VDCThrough Hole (THT)Magnetic ShieldElectrostatic shield
BH24-2A85-M242ASPST-NO< 100 W< 1000 VDCThrough Hole (THT)Magnetic ShieldElectrostatic shield
BH24-3A85-M243ASPST-NO< 100 W< 1000 VDCThrough Hole (THT)Magnetic ShieldElectrostatic shield
BH24-4A85-M244ASPST-NO< 100 W< 1000 VDCThrough Hole (THT)Magnetic ShieldElectrostatic shield


汎用 BE シリーズリードリレーには、最大 5 個の A接点スイッチを含めて多数の接点構成オプションがあります。ラッチ型または標準値 10^13 Ω の高絶縁抵抗型も可能です。パッケージは樹脂製、金属製またはエポキシ封止タイプが可能です。

H シリーズ高電圧リードリレーは、最大 10kVDC までスイッチング可能で、接点間耐電圧は 15kVDC です。この高電圧リレーは、特別にパッケージされたコイルで設計され、PCB ピンはコイル専用です。スイッチ接点は直接配線用に使用できます。水銀リレーの代替に適しています。

HE シリーズ高電圧リードリレーは、最大 10kVDC までスイッチング可能で、接点間耐電圧は 15kVDC です。漏洩距離は 26mm を超えます。この高電圧リレーは、多くの PCB ピン構成が可能なエポキシ封止タイプです。オプションには、高電圧リードの直接配線で使用できる高電圧ワイヤーがあります。水銀リレーの代替も可能です。

HM シリーズ高電圧リードリレーは、最大 10kVDC までスイッチング可能で、接点間耐電圧は 15kVDC であり、漏洩距離は 32mm を超えます。この高電圧リレーは、多くの PCB ピン構成が可能なエポキシ封止タイプです。オプションには、高電圧リードの直接配線で使用できる高電圧ワイヤーがあります。水銀リレーの代替のほか、ラッチングタイプも可能です。

LI シリーズは、高電圧リードリレーおよびエポキシ封止された高絶縁リードリレーです。この高電圧リードリレーは、高絶縁抵抗 (IR) >10^13 Ω という長所があり、最大 1kVDC までスイッチング可能で、接点間耐電圧は 4.5kVDC であり、絶縁電圧は 7kVDC です。UL 認定済みです。

SHV リードリレーは、高電圧のシングルインラインリレーまたは測定器グレードのリードリレーであり、モールドハウジングで供給され、最大 1kVDC を切り替えでき、接点間耐電圧は 4kVDC です。この高電圧リードリレーシリーズは、5 x 10^12 Ω を超える絶縁抵抗を誇り、最小の PCB 面積で、弊社の DIP および DIL リードリレーシリーズと比較してわずか 50% の小ささです。これは以前モデルのSIL-HV リードリレーよりもさらに小型です。

UL – Certificate of Compliance




Standex Electronics Global Reed Switch Products and Capabilities

As the leader in reed switch technology, Standex impacts lives by contributing to effective product performance in household, automotive and utilities applications.

Standex Electronics | Company Video

Standex Electronics is a worldwide market leader in the design, development, and manufacture of standard and custom electro-magnetic components, including magnetics products and reed switch-based solutions.

In this video, we discuss our global manufacturing and supply chain capabilities by fueling the processes that we often take for granted every day. Through our diverse in-house capabilities and strong engineering designs we PARTNER with our customers to SOLVE their unique challenges, and DELIVER custom high-performing solutions...

Standex Electronics | Values

Standex Electronics new company video shares our global manufacturing and supply chain capabilities through our partner, solve, and deliver approach.

Standex Electronics dynamic engineering and diverse product line of custom and standard components deliver reliable high-quality solutions to customers across broad markets and applications. Our robust product offerings include Reed Switches, Relays, and Sensors, Planar Transformers and Inductors, and Fluid Level Sensors that provide solutions for the Automotive, HVAC, Alternative Energy, Lighting/LED, Appliance, Mil-Aero, Medical, and many others...

Standex Electronics Japan | Company Video

Standex Electronics Japan is a worldwide market leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of magnetic reed switches. Headquartered in Kofu City, Japan it was previously branded as the OKI Sensor Device Corporation prior to being acquired by Standex Electronics, Inc., a division of Standex International. The new name of OKI Reed Switches is KOFU, A Standex Electronics Brand.

Reed Switches for Smart Home Automation Systems

Reed Switches work well with smart home automation systems because they draw no power compared to other magnetic sensing elements. They can be married to a wireless or Bluetooth technology and placed in remote battery powered door sensors or window sensors, or anything where you’re looking for movement or proximity. They’re a very cost-effective and robust component suitable for the home environment, requiring fewer connections resulting in longer battery life.

In today’s homes and also commercial properties, there’s an increased necessity for control to improve efficiency and productivity. And with that control, you have different products that measure temperature, water levels, security, and locks, so within those products reed switches play a major role in making them “smart”.

Standex Electronics is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of standard and custom Reed Switches.

Product Training Module – RF Reed Relays Part I

Welcome to Standex Electronics' RF Reed Relays Part I training module. Reed relays have long been known to have the capability to switch and carry RF signals and fast digital pulses. Hardly anyone thought reed relays were capable of switching and carrying RF up to 20 GHz, because the reed switch's leads are composed of nickel/iron which has a relatively high permeability or (MU). However, 20GHz is now a reality at Standex Electronics. We will be presenting the reasons Standex Electronics and their design team have made this possible.

Product Training Module – RF Reed Relays Part II

Welcome to Standex Electronics' RF Reed Relays Part II training module. This second RF presentation assumes you have already heard the first Standex Electronics RF Part I presentation. Understanding the simple physical layout of a reed relay makes it easy to design and rest reed relays for RF and fast digital pulse applications. RF is dependent on the physical layout or signal path it takes while going through circuits and the components that make up those circuits. We will show you how the physical layout of the reed relay will have a direct bearing on the RF signal's success going into and out of the reed relay. Coupled with the relay's physical layout, the materials making up the reed relay are also important.

Product Training Module – Reed Relay Overview

Welcome to Standex Electronics Reed Relay training module. This module will define key terms used in reed relays and their applications. The module will also describe the structure and function of reed relays and their vast number of applications.

Product Training Module – Magnet Technology & Their Uses

Welcome to Standex Electronics where we will be exploring what magnets are and how they are used in the electronic industry. We will define the key terms relating to magnets and we will explore what magnets are, what they do, and how they are used.

Product Training Module – Latching Form B Reed Relays & Sensors

Welcome to Standex Electronics' Latching and Form B Reed Relay and Sensor training module. This module will define key terms of Form B and Latching sensors and relays. The module will also describe the structure and function of latching and Form B reed relays and sensors.

How a Reed Switch Works

The Reed Switch is the core element in Reed Sensors, Level Sensors and Reed Relays. A magnetic contact switch consisting of two ferromagnetic blades are hermetically sealed inside a glass tube. The glass tube is filled with a high purity inert gas. Under non operating conditions the reed switch contacts do not touch. Standex Electronics is leading the way in reed switch manufacturing...

How Reed Switches are Manufactured

Ultra miniature and high precision Reed Switch manufacturing in the most modern factory of its kind. Standex Electronics micro technology enables the mass production of Reed Switches at the highest quality for competitive pricing. The complete process from the sputtering of the magnetic contacts through the hermetic sealing and final testing...

Reed Switch Technology

Standex Electronics expert discusses reed switch technology and why reed switches play such an important role in many applications.

3D Magnetic Mapping for Sensor Applications

Standex Electronics's technical expert describes their 3D Magnetic Mapping capabilities used in reed sensor applications

Reed Switch SMD Sensor & Magnet Actuation in 3-D

A Reed Switch Sensor on a surface mount PCB assembly shown in 3-D with actuating magnet. When viewed in three dimensions, the magnetic flux lines emanating from the magnet look like a beer barrel keg; and also in three dimensions, with the magnet parallel to the reed switch, the center magnetic lobe array looks like a donut and the two outside lobes look more like a boxer's punching bag -- the kind hung from the ceiling. Essentially the fields from the magnet and the fields for the lobes are symmetrical when viewed in three dimensions. As seen in two dimensions, when the magnet is brought into one of the lobes the reed switch contacts will close. Now, as seen in three dimensions the magnet can be brought into the lobes in any spherical direction for contact closure to occur. Here the magnet is moved into the sphere of influence of the lobes of the reed switch showing the closure and opening when the magnet enters the lobes and passes through them, The change in lighting signifies the closing and opening of the reed switch contacts.

Standex Electronics at AHR Expo 2013

Alex Vinnage talks about what attendees can expect from Standex Electronics at the 2013 AHR Expo.


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