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Agricultural Sensor Applications

Agricultural Sensor Applications

“Standex Electronics harnesses the potential of reed switches and Hall effect technologies to create advanced agricultural sensor solutions.”

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Agricultural Sensor Applications
Why Partner with Standex Electronics?
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Standex Electronics harnesses the potential of reed switches and Hall effect technologies to create advanced agricultural sensor solutions. These sensors are integral in monitoring a range of conditions, from fluid levels to motion, ensuring that machinery operates efficiently and safely. Our expertise in custom switching and sensing solutions is highly sought after for smarter, more reliable, and efficient harvesting. 

Custom and standard reed and Hall agricultural sensor solutions

The activation of a reed switch by a magnetic field is a critical function that can signal system adjustments or alert operators, contributing to the enhanced performance, reliability, and efficiency of agricultural equipment. And given their inherent low power and long operating life, reed switch sensors are an ideal choice for supporting sustainable farming practices.

Now, let’s explore some common sensor applications for agricultural equipment.

Agricultural Sensor Applications

Smart Hall and reed sensors are transforming todays’ agricultural equipment. By providing precise measurements and control for various applications. They are essential for optimizing the flow rate of fertilizer spreaders to ensuring efficient irrigation and fertigation. Other critical sensing needs are monitoring the speed and direction of machinery. These technologies contribute to smarter, more sustainable farming practices by enabling better resource management and reducing waste.

These versatile and reliable components can be employed in a wide variety of agricultural applications.

Sensor Application Examples

  • Tractors
  • Hay balers
  • Combines
  • Tractors
  • ECU sprayer
  • ECU hoe
  • Other heavy machinery
  • Flow rate sensor for measuring fertilizer spreaders behind tractors.
  • Flow meter sensors for irrigation and fertigation.
  • Speed sensor for shaft and gear overspeed and under-speed conditions.
  • Measuring shaft rotational speed and direction
  • Smart sensors for controlling relay status based on speed and direction of motion.
  • Rotational or angle position sensor that monitors shafts and gears
  • Speed and direction sensor for winch shaft measurement.
  • Position sensors for measuring the height of a saw blade in the timber industry.
  • Measuring reel speed and direction
  • Conveyor belt speed and position sensor
  • Shaft run-out detection determining fan shut down (motor stall)
  • Fuel level indicator ensuring efficient monitoring and management.
  • Gear tooth sensor to detect faulty wheel movement and safety brake engagement.
  • Power steering position sensor
  • Proximity sensor for on-board lighting systems and consoles
  • Safety switches to detect and signal hazardous conditions or faulty equipment.
  • Gate and door position sensors
  • Sensing and controlling the ignition process

This is just a small sample of what our reed and hall sensors are capable of. Download the Agricultural Sensor Brochure to learn the many ways our sensors are being utilized in todays’ modern farming equipment.

Agricultural Sensor brochure

Why Partner with Standex Electronics?

Standex Electronics is a preferred partner for some of the top global agriculture equipment manufacturers. Below are some compelling reasons why customers partner with Standex for their agricultural projects.

  • World’s largest manufacturer of reed technology
  • Extensive portfolio of standard and customized reed and hall sensors
  • Global footprint for localized support and international reach
  • Proven reliability and continuous innovation both vital to long term partnership
  • Demonstrated manufacturing excellence.
  • Broad customer base across various markets
  • Ability to meet diverse and complex requirements.
  • Commitment to the highest standards of business excellence

“At Standex, we stand behind a true partnership through value-added engineering. We don’t just sell you what you ask for. We’re not just a catalog to buy from. We forge a true collaboration with you to find the right solution for your agriculture project.”

Standex is an expert in developing innovative reed and hall sensor technologies. Our standard solutions include hundreds of sizes, shapes, and functionality. But customized sensors are our specialty; we’ll work with you to design custom sensor packaging from molding and shaping it to full customization.


customized magnetic sensing solutions


Our company’s philosophy is “Partner, Solve, Deliver®,” because we collaborate directly with our customers to understand your application’s exact needs. Help to solve your complex design challenges and deliver the ultimate custom solution. Along the way, we’re discovering methods to improve cost and efficiency – all part of our customer-driven-innovation approach.


Standex Electronics has established itself as a preferred partner for leading global agriculture equipment manufacturers due to its commitment to innovation and quality. Standex designs products with superior functionality, longevity, and reliability, addressing a wide range of equipment needs, from tractors to harvesters.

Our gear tooth sensors, angle position sensors, and reed float sensors are just a few examples of components that enhance the performance and safety of agricultural machinery. By focusing on customer-specific product development and leveraging global resources, Standex delivers tailored solutions that advance agricultural technology.

Connect with us for an on-site tour or meeting. Or simply send us your requirements!

Because at Standex, “custom is standard.”

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Need more information? Download one of our product-line brochures to see a list of our standard offering.

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