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Standex Electronics Offers Power Magnetics & Planar Transformers for Mil-Aero Applications

A wide array of magnetics solutions for a variety of Mil-Aero applications

Standex Electronics has developed diverse components ranging from traditional wire-wound magnetics to space-saving planar transformers and inductors for the Military & Aerospace market. “When you are designing the most advanced jet fighter in the world, you never want to hear you’re grounded.” “That’s why customers trust Standex Electronics.” Mil-Aero applications generally operate in harsh environments where situations such as thermal vibration occur, requiring the need for a rugged packaging design.

Standex Electronics’s partner, solve, and deliver approach – along with our Power magnetics products meets most any application requirement in low frequency (400Hz) and high frequency (20KHz to RF)ranges. Standex has the capability to provide a broad range of standard and custom power magnetics with the capacity to perform 52 to 5awg magnetic wire winding, bobbin, layer, and self-supporting winding, foil, flat, and square wire winding, automatic CNC winding, toroidal hook and shuttle winding, impregnation, casting, and potting, termination, and quality testing at our in-house facilities. Other packaged components and assemblies include but are not limited to Inductors & Chokes/Toroidal and Surface Mount (SMD),  FPT Series Power Toroidal Transformers, & Mil-Spec Magnetics. For a complete list of manufacturing & engineering capabilities see our Magnetics Solutions Brochure.

Planar and custom magnetics applications
  • Aircraft controls
  • Satellite & space applications
  • Engine controls
  • Naval ship board power supplies
  • Current transformers
  • UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) electrical power and control


Mil-Spec & Other Certifications
  • ITAR
  • Mil-Std 202
  • Mil-Std 981
  • Mil-PRF 27
  • AS9100 (NASA standard NHB 9793.3)
  • TS16949
  • ISO9000


Planar magnetics include planar transformers and inductors available in a variety of standard core sizes and custom configurations with a combined overall power range of 50W-10kW and up.

The planar transformer is an ideal alternative to traditional wire-wound magnetics and offers superior thermal management with the ability to attach substrate/heatsink with controlled temperature. Standex has worked in tandem with a space satellite manufacturer in the production of a fully customized and packaged planar transformer and inductor assembly that resulted in the reduction of space compared to individually placed wire wound transformers.

Contact us today for partnering on applications related to the Military & Aerospace market, and planar and power magnetics product lines.

Testing Capabilities

Partner | Solve | Deliver®
Standex Electronics product benefits include power magnetics // high & low frequency ranges // planar transformers // and current sense . Testing & tooling capabilities include automated assembly & test systems and environmental and durability testing. Read more…





Magnetics Solutions Infographic

Partner | Solve | Deliver®
Our magnetics solutions infographic highlights our planar magnetics, power supplies & custom assemblies, current sense transformers, custom solenoids & coils, military & aerospace, low frequency, and high-frequency product lines and the markets they serve. Read more…






WATCH: In this Planar Transformer mini case study, we discuss how we partnered with an aerospace customer, delivering a coupled hybrid aerospace solution that integrated a standard planar transformer with an inductor.





Our Planar Magnetics Design Guide is full of pertinent technical information as it relates to the full breadth of capabilities that Standex Electronics can provide to you.  Read pages 18-19 of our Magnetics Solutions Brochure to understand how we can partner, solve, and deliver® with you on your next Miltary & Aerospace project!


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