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NorthLake Engineering

Power Magnetics Experts

Northlake Engineering has been designing, developing, and delivering custom magnetics solutions for over 60 years. Overtime, our expertise has allowed us to become a trusted partner with many leading companies within medical, industrial equipment, and power management industries. Although customer needs have continually evolved, our commitment to our customers has remained steady.


Our modern facility in Bristol, WI offers various capabilities to solve our customers’ challenges, no matter if the issue is technical, commercial, or supply chain related. Our offices are conveniently located to nearby Milwaukee and Chicago, to support our customers who value local, responsive manufacturing.


As a part of the Standex Electronics company, we have deepened our magnetics expertise and have the corporate backing to invest in the future. We are Northlake, and we are ready to grow with you.


Expertise & Partnership

  • Design
    Relays, Switches, Sensors & Magnets
  • Testing
    in house prototyping and validation
  • Manufacturing
    Ability to leverage global footprint

Highly Engineered Solutions

  • Innovative
    Unique combo of technology & process
  • Expansive
    Portfolio ensures right sized solution
  • Reliable
    Designed for mission critical applications

Magnetics Range

  • Efficiency
    Designs capable of exceeding 99% efficiency
  • Footprint
    Planar magnetics to optimize size constraints
  • Custom
    Willingness to develop bespoke features

Our Engineers utilize the partner, solve, deliver® approach to work closely with you. This helps us understand your requirements and develop a design specification that results in cost effective, efficiently manufactured, quality custom magnetics. Or, we can work with your existing design specification.

We can provide a complete solution to surround your customized component with the next level by adding additional components, integrated sheet metal and/or wiring that will decrease your manufacturing time, save your facility space and reduce your inventory.

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Fast Turnaround

Blanket Orders

Inventory Management arrangements

Design to Underwriter’s Laboratories ® (UL) recognized insulation systems

Agency (UL, CSA, TUV) certification approval

Certificates of Compliance

Certificates of Analysis

Unit Serialization

RoHS Compliance

Automated Production Testing Equipment

Partial Discharge Test Equipment

Safety Testing Equipment


Vacuum Potting



Conformal Coating

ISO 9001 certified management process and facility

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