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SeriesMaterialSwitches & Contact FormMounting TypeOverall Length (mm)Outer Dia.Inner Dia.

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Compare Parts Certifications ImagePart NumberSeriesStock checkMaterialSwitches & Contact FormMountingOverall Length (mm)Outer Dia.Inner Dia.
FPS-BFPS-B Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Side2.180" (55.4mm)--
FPS-LFPS-L Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Side2.500" (63.5mm)--
FPS-TFPS-T Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Side3.350" (85.1mm)--
LS01-1A66-PA-2000WLS01 Stock / RFQPA1ATop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1A66-PA-500WLS01 Stock / RFQPA1ATop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1A66-PP-1000WLS01 Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1A66-PP-2000WLS01 Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1A66-PP-3000WLS01 Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1A66-PP-5000WLS01 Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1A66-PP-500WLS01 Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1A85-PA-500WLS01 Stock / RFQPA1ATop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1A85-PP-5000WLS01 Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1B66-PA-2000WLS01 Stock / RFQPA1BTop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1B66-PA-500WLS01 Stock / RFQPA1BTop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1B66-PA-6000WLS01 Stock / RFQPA1BTop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1B66-PP-1000WLS01 Stock / RFQPP1BTop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1B66-PP-2000WLS01 Stock / RFQPP1BTop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1B66-PP-4000WLS01 Stock / RFQPP1BTop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1B66-PP-5000WLS01 Stock / RFQPP1BTop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1B66-PP-500WLS01 Stock / RFQPP1BTop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1B85-PA-500WLS01 Stock / RFQPA1BTop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS01-1B85-PP-5000WLS01 Stock / RFQPP1BTop, Bottom1.673" (42.5mm)--
LS02-1A66-PA-1000WLS02 Stock / RFQPA1ATop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1A66-PA-2000WLS02 Stock / RFQPA1ATop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1A66-PA-4000WLS02 Stock / RFQPA1ATop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1A66-PA-500WLS02 Stock / RFQPA1ATop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1A66-PP-1000WLS02 Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1A66-PP-2000WLS02 Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1A66-PP-3000WLS02 Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1A66-PP-5000WLS02 Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1A66-PP-500WLS02 Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1A66-S-5000WLS02-S Stock / RFQV2A1ATop, Bottom3.150" (80.0mm)--
LS02-1A66-S-500WLS02-S Stock / RFQV2A1ATop, Bottom3.150" (80.0mm)--
LS02-1A85-PA-1500WLS02 Stock / RFQPA1ATop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1A85-PA-500WLS02 Stock / RFQPA1ATop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1A85-PP-5000WLS02 Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Bottom2.854" (72.5mm)--
LS02-1A85-PP-500WLS02 Stock / RFQPP1ATop, Bottom2.854" (72.5mm)--
LS02-1A85-S-2000WLS02-S Stock / RFQV2A1ATop, Bottom3.150" (80.0mm)--
LS02-1A85-S-500WLS02-S Stock / RFQV2A1ATop, Bottom3.150" (80.0mm)--
LS02-1B66-PA-1000WLS02 Stock / RFQPA1BTop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1B66-PA-2000WLS02 Stock / RFQPA1BTop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1B66-PA-5000WLS02 Stock / RFQPA1BTop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1B66-PA-500WLS02 Stock / RFQPA1BTop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1B66-PA-6000WLS02 Stock / RFQPA1BTop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1B66-PP-1000WLS02 Stock / RFQPP1BTop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1B66-PP-2000WLS02 Stock / RFQPP1BTop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1B66-PP-3000WLS02 Stock / RFQPP1BTop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1B66-PP-500WLS02 Stock / RFQPP1BTop, Bottom2.815" (71.5mm)--
LS02-1B66-S-500WLS02-S Stock / RFQV2A1BTop, Bottom3.150" (80.0mm)--
LS02-1B85-PP-5000WLS02 Stock / RFQPP1BTop, Bottom2.854" (72.5mm)--
LS02-1B85-PP-500WLS02 Stock / RFQPP1BTop, Bottom2.854" (72.5mm)--
LS03 Float PA black with Magnet Stock / RFQPA---0.650" (16.5mm)-
LS03 Float PP nature with Magnet Stock / RFQPP---0.650" (16.5mm)-
LS03-1A66-PA-1000WLS03 Stock / RFQPA1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1A66-PA-2000WLS03 Stock / RFQPA1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1A66-PA-5000WLS03 Stock / RFQPA1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1A66-PA-500WLS03 Stock / RFQPA1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1A66-PP-1000WLS03 Stock / RFQPP1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1A66-PP-2000WLS03 Stock / RFQPP1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1A66-PP-5000WLS03 Stock / RFQPP1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1A66-PP-500WLS03 Stock / RFQPP1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1A85-PA-1000WLS03 Stock / RFQPA1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1A85-PA-2500WLS03 Stock / RFQPA1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1A85-PA-5000WLS03 Stock / RFQPA1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1A85-PA-500WLS03 Stock / RFQPA1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1A85-PP-1500WLS03 Stock / RFQPP1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1A85-PP-5000WLS03 Stock / RFQPP1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1A85-PP-500WLS03 Stock / RFQPP1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1B66-PA-1500WLS03 Stock / RFQPA1BSide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1B66-PA-5000WLS03 Stock / RFQPA1BSide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03-1B66-PA-500WLS03 Stock / RFQPA1BSide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03/DK-1A66-PA-500WLS03/DK Stock / RFQPA1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03/DK-1A66-PP-500WLS03/DK Stock / RFQPP1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03/DK-1A85-PA-500WLS03/DK Stock / RFQPA1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03/DK-PP-BV96314LS03/DK Stock / RFQPP1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03/DL-1A66-PA-500WLS03/DL Stock / RFQPA1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03/DL-1A66-PP-500WLS03/DL Stock / RFQPP1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03/DL-1A85-PA-500WLS03/DL Stock / RFQPA1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03/DL-1A85-PP-3500WLS03/DL Stock / RFQPP1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03/DL-1A85-PP-500WLS03/DL Stock / RFQPP1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03/DL-PP-BV97314LS03/DL Stock / RFQPP1ASide3.268" (83.0mm)--
LS03/GZ-1A66-PA-500WLS03/GZ Stock / RFQPA1ASide3.150" (80.0mm)--
LS03/GZ-PP-BV95154LS03/GZ Stock / RFQPP1ASide3.150" (80.0mm)--
LS04-1A66-0-500WLS04 Stock / RFQPP1ATop10.039" (255.0mm)--
LS04-1A66-2-500WLS04 Stock / RFQPP1ATop5.118" (130.0mm)--
LS04-1A66-4-500WLS04 Stock / RFQPP1ATop7.008" (178.0mm)--
LS04-1A66-5-500WLS04 Stock / RFQPP1ATop7.480" (190.0mm)--
LS04-1A66-PA-500W (Schließer)LS04 Stock / RFQPA1ATop10.906" (277.0mm)--
LS04-1A66-PP-500W (Schließer)LS04 Stock / RFQPP1ATop10.197" (259.0mm)--
LS04-1B66-0-2000WLS04 Stock / RFQPP1BTop11.063" (281.0mm)--
LS04-1B66-2-500WLS04 Stock / RFQPP1BTop5.118" (130.0mm)--
LS04-1B66-5-500WLS04 Stock / RFQPP1BTop7.480" (190.0mm)--
LS04-2A66-PA-500WLS04 Stock / RFQPA2ATop10.906" (277.0mm)--
LS04-2A66-PA-500W (Schließer)LS04 Stock / RFQPA2ATop10.906" (277.0mm)--
LS04-2A66-PP-500WLS04 Stock / RFQPP2ATop11.063" (281.0mm)--
LS04-2A66-PP-500W (Schließer)LS04 Stock / RFQPP2ATop10.906" (277.0mm)--
LS05-1A66-1-500WLS05 Stock / RFQV2A1ATop3.150" (80.0mm)--
LS05-1A66-2-500WLS05 Stock / RFQV2A1ATop5.315" (135.0mm)--
LS05-1A66-7-500WLS05 Stock / RFQV2A1ATop9.685" (246.0mm)--
LS05-BV14793LS05 Stock / RFQV2A1ATop9.646" (245.0mm)--
LS05/GZ-1A66-5-500WLS05/GZ Stock / RFQV2A1ATop7.154" (181.0mm)--
MS-BV00016 Stock / RFQPP---1.220" (31.0mm)0.598" (15.20mm)
MS-BV14290 Stock / RFQPP--2.165" (55.0mm)--
MS-BV15335 Stock / RFQPP---1.181" (30.0mm)-
MS-BV15340 Stock / RFQV2A---1.102" (28.0mm)0.374" (9.50mm)
MS-BV15597 Stock / RFQNBR---1.004" (25.5mm)0.638" (16.20mm)
MS-BV15873 Stock / RFQPP--1.201" (30.0mm)--
MS-BV15891 Stock / RFQPP---1.181" (30.0mm)-
MS-BV51057 Stock / RFQNITROPHIL MC---1.122" (28.5mm)0.354" (9.00mm)
MS01-NBRMS01 Stock / RFQNBR---0.965" (24.5mm)0.315" (8.00mm)
MS01-PAMS01 Stock / RFQPA---0.925" (23.5mm)0.335" (8.50mm)
MS01-PPMS01 Stock / RFQPP---0.925" (23.5mm)0.331" (8.40mm)
MS02-NBRMS02 Stock / RFQNBR---0.984" (25.0mm)0.360" (9.15mm)
MS02-PAMS02 Stock / RFQPA---0.984" (25.0mm)0.360" (9.15mm)
MS02-PPMS02 Stock / RFQPP---0.992" (25.2mm)0.360" (9.15mm)
MS03-PPMS03 Stock / RFQPP---1.063" (27.0mm)0.433" (11.00mm
MS04-PPMS04 Stock / RFQPP---0.728" (18.5mm)0.402" (10.20mm)
MS06/1-PPMS06 Stock / RFQPP---1.181" (30.0mm)0.315" (8.00mm)
MS06/2-PPMS06 Stock / RFQPP---1.181" (30.0mm)0.315" (8.00mm)
MS06/5-PPMS06 Stock / RFQPP--0.835" (21.20mm)--
MS06/6-PPMS06 Stock / RFQPP---1.181" (30.0mm)-
MS07-PAMS07 Stock / RFQPA---1.417" (36.0mm)0.636" (16.15mm)
MS08-PPMS08 Stock / RFQPP---0.787" (20.0mm)0.360" (9.15mm)
MS09-SMS09 Stock / RFQV2A---0.945" (24.0mm)0.374" (9.50mm)
MS10-SMS10 Stock / RFQV2A---1.508" (38.3mm)0.374" (9.50mm)
Schwim.mag. BV14993 Stock / RFQPP---0.787" (20.0mm)0.394" (10.00mm)
Schwimmermagnet Kärcher PP Stock / RFQPP---0.965" (24.5mm)0.315" (8.00mm)
Schwimmermagnet MS01-PAMS01 Stock / RFQPA---0.925" (23.5mm)0.364" (9.25mm)
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