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Planar Transformers for EV On-Board Chargers & DC-DC Converter Applications

Planar Transformer in EV

“Planar Transformers for EV offer power density in a small package and >99% high-frequency efficiency.”


Automotive manufacturers are moving quickly to provide alternatives to gasoline and diesel run engines (ICEs). As a result, the Electric Vehicle (EV) market is growing at a rapid pace. Therefore, e-cars offer auto makers a clean energy solution with chemical energy that is stored in rechargeable energy packs.

Planar Transformers for EV

Since, planar magnetics withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and other harsh environments, they go perfectly in EV’s. For example, Planar transformers in DC-DC converters take high-voltage (HV) battery power and convert it to low-voltage DC. Then the EV on-board charger takes the power from the wall and rectifies it to DC.

Moreover, high-power applications for buses and other heavy construction equipment benefit from using planar transformer designs. Standex planar transformers are customized for a wide array of power ranges and outputs. So, we design a planar solution that is tailored to your exact needs.

Transforming Efficiency

The P220 – P900 planar transformer series, with a combined overall 1kW-30kW power range transform efficiency in many EV systems. Such as, resonance and output chokes in DC/DC converters and power transformers. Resulting, high-voltage 200V-600VDC transfer from battery to low powernet voltage (14VDC) and high-current (100A-250A). Also, 1kW-10kW Planar designs provide full-bridge topology and operate at 40-400kHz frequency.

Additionally, 3-10kW planar transformers are used in EV on-board chargers with 380VAC input and 204-450VDC output.

Why Planar Transformers for EV?

Electric vehicles demand electronics that are smaller in size and weight with high performance. So, the unique benefits of planar transformers make them the perfect solution for EV. Below is a list of planar benefits.

  • Low package profile relative to wire-wound equivalent
  • Low leakage inductance, extremely efficient high-frequency operation, 98-99% to 40 kHz – 500kHz
  • Minimum skin effect/flat windings + reduced proximity effect (Low AC losses)
  • Excellent repeatability thanks to pre-tooled components
  • Easy termination of multiple windings
  • Standard outlines compatible with application-specific custom designs
  • Lend themselves to sophisticated and effective thermal management
  • Volumetric efficiency (small size)
  • Low turns count improves Cu loss
  • Optimized core cross section lowers core loss
  • Large core surface area promotes heat transfer
  • Reliable PCB construction


In summary, our custom and standard planars serve a diverse amount of power ranges with low, medium, and high frequencies. Contact us today to see how we can partner to develop your EV application solution!

To provide the best possible planar transformer and inductor information, please fill out our custom planar transformer and planar inductor request forms.

Learn more about planar technology and our unique capabilities in our Planar Magnetics Design Guide

Planar Magnetics Design Guide

Planar Magnetics Design Guide







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