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Custom Magnetic Products

Design engineers rely on Standex Electronics to provide custom magnetic products and electronic components like transformers, inductors and chokes, but also ideas, engineering expertise and assistance. As a manufacturer with a global footprint,... View More

Fluid Sensors & Floats

Standex Electronics fluid sensors provide more than just an on/off signal. Our fluid sensor solutions use a wide range of switching technologies - from magnetic reed switch technology to conductive and hall effect technology.A single PCB with... View More

Planar Magnetics

Standex Electronics planar magnetics include planar transformers and planar inductors available in a variety of standard core sizes with custom configurations. As more and more industries begin to feel the push toward higher efficiency and... View More

Power Magnetics

Standex Electronics' ATC-Frost Magnetics Division offers a broad range of standard and custom power magnetics to fit most any need in low frequency (50/60Hz to 400Hz range) and high frequency (20 KHz to RF range), power inductors and common mode... View More

Reed Switches

Reed Switches reliably switch billion of operations. A reed switch uses simple magnet interaction to open and close while consuming no power in its normally open state. Reed switches are hermetically sealed so they can exist or be used in almost any... View More

Relays & Optocouplers

Reed relays contain an electromagnetic coil and reed switch. When power is applied to the coil, the reed switch is activated. Reed relays can switch low level signals as low as femtoamps and nanovolts. This is due to their hermetically sealed... View More

Sensors & Magnets

Reed sensors use the reed switch as the heart of their switching mechanism. When paired with a permanent magnet they are an ideal method of sensing and detecting metal, movement, proximity, liquid level and flow.Reed sensors come in hundreds of... View More


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