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Multiple Contacts 3-8 poles Reed Relays |

3-8 poles Reed Relays are reed relay products containing anywhere from 3 to 8 internal reed switches that have their contacts in the normally open state.

RM05-4A Reed Relay

The 4-pole RM05-4A series is an (RF) high frequency reed relay packaged as a low profile, (SMD) surface mount reed relay module. This RF reed relay is capable of switching beyond 5.5 GHz with <40ps rise times for switching fast pulses.

Ultraminiature 8-pole low profile through hole mount (THT) RM05-8A-SP Series Reed Relay module with standard dual in-line (DIL) pin-out (2mm raster) and integrated magnetic shield for high density board mounting. Equipped with an 8-channel relay driver with MAX4823 with kickback protection and parallel activation electronics. Designed to significantly reduce PCB space at 24% smaller than our RM05-8A, saves on wiring costs, and assembly costs.

RM05-8A Reed Relay

8-pole low profile through hole mount (THT) high frequency (RF) RM05-8A Series Reed Relay module with one serial digital 8 bit input channel, to drive a double output matrix with 4 to 1 channels each. Equipped with an 8 bit shift register 74 HC(T)595 and new drivers. Designed to significantly reduce PCB space, saves on wiring costs, and assembly costs.

BE Reed Relay

Our most versatile general purpose BE Series Reed Relay with many contact configuration options including up to 5 form A switches. Available in latching or high IR typical 10^13 Ω. Plastic or metal housing, epoxy encapsulated.

DIL Reed Relay

General purpose line sensing dual in-line DIL Series Reed Relay with coil up to 11.000 Ω. Supplied in an epoxy encapsulated package. Available with dielectric strength 4.25kVDC. Optional diode and magnetic shield. UL approval.


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