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MK33-66 surface mount reed switch dimensions

The MK33-66 surface mount reed switch is a bare glass sensor engineered with a new lead design, providing stability and optimum coplanarity. The unique barrel lead design provides superb solderability and self-alignment to the pads for easy pick and place. The MK33-66 is an ultraminiature 14mm automotive-grade version is capable of switching 200 VDC. Featuring an extremely low-profile construction, ideal for applications requiring small footprint in printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies. TheMK33-66 SMD series tiny footprint allows it to be mounted in a tight reed switch ladder array, for multi-point and continuous liquid level monitoring applications. Supplied in tape and reel according to IEC 60286- 3.

KOFU Reed Switch ORD228VL

Miniature Reed Switch ORD228VL featuring high performance. Glass length of 14.0mm and diameter of 2.2mm. Rated power 10 W, Switching voltage 100 VDC, Switching current 0.5 Amp DC. Most used.


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