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Current Sense Transformers

Standex Electronics has a long history of developing current sense transformers to solve unique customer challenges. Therefore, we offer both standard products like CSB series plug-in solutions for PC board mounting. As well as, custom engineered products designed for extreme conditions and hazards. Our transformers address hazards such as high temperature, radiation, humidity and other extreme needs.

Custom designs address individual customer requirements and vary in their application. Standex Electronics engineers begin each project by understanding the end-result desired.  Then we determine an appropriate means to achieve it. We offer ideas and engineering expertise at each step of design process.

We provide worldwide support for a wide range of applications:

  • Over-current sensing for circuit breakers
  • Isolated current sensing for appliances
  • Load variation sensing for frozen drink machines
  • Current sense transformers for load house monitoring
  • Over-current sensing for home appliances
  • Transformers to power refrigeration units for refrigerated trailers
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Current monitoring for power factor
CSB Series Current Sensing Transformers PCB Mount

CSB Series Current Sensing Transformers

Current Sense Transformer Customizations

Designs are available in open toroidal construction or custom moldings – with virtually any current ratio, output or capacitance desired. Many termination options are available – including P.C. mount, flying lead, custom leads, connectors, and more.

Current Sensing Transformer | Toroidal

Current Sensor Transformer Toroidal


Current Sensing Transformers for Harsh Environments

  • Rugged package
  • Heavy-duty mounting
  • Termination by terminals

Rugged Current Sensing Transformer

Current Sense Transformers


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