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Custom Reed & Conductive Liquid Level Sensors

Liquid Level Sensors – Reed Technology

The liquid level sensors with reed technology sense level changes in liquid in an assortment of liquid mediums. The sensors generally have an attached float with an embedded magnet that moves up and down on a encased stem where the reed switches are housed. The reed switches will change their closure state when the float comes within their magnetic influence. The closure initiates a sequence of events alerting the change of the liquid level.

We offer an extensive selection of different reed sensor packages, switch configurations, stem lengths, float density sensitivities allowing for diverse applications. Our engineers are ready to match custom designs to stringent requirements.

Our reed sensors are used in the automotive industry to measure fuel, oil, brake fluid, radiator, windshield washer level, and other fluids. They are also found in recreational vehicles, such as jet skis, sensing oil and fuel levels. Wherever a liquid exists or can accumulate, Standex Electronics offers a sensing solution.

Custom Reed Liquid Level Sensors

HVAC/R Series Flood Prevention Switches -Reed Technology

Truly Reliable, Plug-N-Play and Hassle Free

Standex Electronics provides the HVAC industry with high performing Flood Prevention Switches (FPS’s) that are easy to install and service. Our expertise and capabilities allow for reliable innovations that prevent overflowing that causes damage to floors, walls, ceilings and the like. For example, if water levels in the auxiliary or main drain pipe rose due to a clogged air conditioning condensate, the switch shuts off the system.

HVAC Flood Prevention Switch

Fluid Level Sensors – Conductive Technology

Standex Electronics manufactures state-of-the-art conductive liquid sensors that detect changes in levels without the use of a float. These sensors are used generally in water based conductive fluids when the application cannot use a float based system. Our conductive fluid level sensors have a patented false full protection and current level shift to indicate fluid level. They guard against electrolysis and conduction paths along the sensor packaging with high quality performance. Applications include the measurement of syrups and juices in the food industry, measurement of liquid soaps in washing applications, liquid waste products, storm drains, bilge pumps, sump water, and many other functions.

Fluid Level Sensors - Conductive Technology

Custom Reed & Conductive Liquid Level Sensors

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