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Custom Reed Switches

“Standex has the expertise and specialized equipment to ensure the highest quality custom reed switches are produced.”

Custom reed switches are magnetic reed switches that can be customized for your design needs. Some customization includes sorting to specific magnetic sensitivity pull-in ranges.  Additional custom manufacturing includes cutting and/or bending the reed switch contact leads. Modifying a reed switch can cause irreversible damage. So our experts are trained in proper reed switch handling techniques used to prevent damage to the reed switch. Other custom options include modifying reed switches for unique spaces as well as for horizontal or vertical surface mount applications or other special mounting requirements.

Custom reed switches include all our GR/GP, KSK and ORD Reed Switch series. They include normally open, normally closed or SPDT changeover reed switch functions. Various pad layouts, length of soldering pin and magnetic sensitivity class are standard options when it comes to customizing a reed switch.

In addition to these standard options, we can also customize any reed switch to your own design including many value add services such as PCB assembly, epoxy sealing, conformal coating, wire termination and much more. Custom reed switches can also be supplied in tape and reel or other desired packaging. Standex Electronics has the expertise and specialized equipment to ensure the highest quality during the custom reed switch manufacturing process.

Custom Reed Switches

Stock Check

Item No.DatasheetDistributorRegionQuantityCartRFQInventory Date
KSK-1C90U-1015 Reed-Rex LLCAmericas1,989 RFQ2021-06-25
KSK-1A35/1-3035 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-1520 Reed-Rex LLCAmericas1,953 RFQ2021-06-25
KSK-1A80-1015 Reed-Rex LLCAmericas985 RFQ2021-06-25
KSK-1A66-1520 Reed-Rex LLCAmericas990 RFQ2021-06-25
KSK-1A66-1015 Reed-Rex LLCAmericas990 RFQ2021-06-25
KSK-1A35-1520 Reed-Rex LLCAmericas2,490 RFQ2021-06-25
KSK-1A35-1015 Reed-Rex LLCAmericas2,485 RFQ2021-06-25
KSK-1A35/1-3035 Reed-Rex LLCAmericas2,320 RFQ2021-06-25
KSK-1A35/1-2530 Reed-Rex LLCAmericas4,990 RFQ2021-06-25
KSK-1A35/1-2025 Reed-Rex LLCAmericas4,951 RFQ2021-06-25
KSK-1C90U-1015 Heilind ElectronicsAmericas361 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-2025 Heilind ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66/3-1520 Heilind ElectronicsAmericas1,000 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66/3-2030 Heilind ElectronicsAmericas1,000 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A80-1015 Heilind ElectronicsAmericas999 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-2030 Heilind ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A87-1015 Heilind ElectronicsAmericas985 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A87-1520 Heilind ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-1015 Heilind ElectronicsAmericas1,000 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-1520 Heilind ElectronicsAmericas790 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35-1015 Heilind ElectronicsAmericas500 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-1015 Heilind ElectronicsAmericas1,000 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-1520 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-2025 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas890 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90U-1015 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas204 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90U-1520 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-3040 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A87-1015 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A87-1520 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A87-2030 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-1015 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35-1015 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas2,466 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35-1520 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A52-2025 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A52-2530 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A52-3040 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-1015 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-1520 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-2030 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66/3-1015 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66/3-1520 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66/3-2030 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A69-120170 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A80-1015 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas780 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A80-1520 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A80-2030 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-3035 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-2530 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-2030 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A83-100150 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-2025 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas374 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-5560 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35/1-3035 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-2025 Relay Specialties, IncAmericas10,000 RFQ2021-06-30
KSK-1A85-5560 Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90U-1520 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90U-1015 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas249 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-2025 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas452 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-1520 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas1,267 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-1015 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas2,829 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A87-2030 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A87-1520 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A87-1015 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-3040 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-3035 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-2530 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-2030 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-2025 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-1550Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A83-100150 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A80-2030 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A80-1520 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A80-1015 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas1,993 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A69-120170 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66/3-2030 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66/3-1520 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66/3-1015 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-2030 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-1520 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas316 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-1015 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas6,849 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A52-3040 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A52-2530 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas500 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A52-2025 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35/1-3035 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35/1-2530 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35/1-2025 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35-1520 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35-1015 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35-0510 Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90U-1520 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90U-1015 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas204 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-2025 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas890 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-1520 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A87-2030 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-1015 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A87-1520 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A87-1015 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-3035 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas5 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-3040 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-2530 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-2030 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-2025 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas374 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A83-100150 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A80-2030 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A80-1520 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A80-1015 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas780 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A69-120170 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66/3-2030 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66/3-1520 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66/3-1015 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-2030 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-1520 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A52-3040 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-1015 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A52-2025 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A52-2530 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35-1015 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas2,466 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35-1520 MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSKStandex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90U-2034 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas2,000 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90U-1520 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas1,110 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-1520 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas1,346 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-1015 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas49 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35/1-3035 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas2,370 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66/3-1520 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas636 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-2030 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas1,347 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A87-2030 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas991 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A80-1520 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas550 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A80-2030 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas999 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90U-1015 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas160 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-1015 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas955 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A69-120170 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas9 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A87-1520 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas1,881 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-1520 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas1,534 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1C90F-2025 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas3,800 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A80-1015 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas6,000 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-2025 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas7,000 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A87-1015 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas4,325 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35-1520 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas1,610 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66/3-2030 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas977 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66/3-1015 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas983 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-2530 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35-1015 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-3035 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A83-100150 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-2030 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A46-1020 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A52-2025 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A52-3040 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A52-2530 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A85-3040 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35/1-2025 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A35/1-2530 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
KSK-1A66-1520 Arrow ElectronicsAmericas914 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORT 551/10-12 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORT 551/10-15 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas190 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORT 551-1/10-15 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 228VL/10-15 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 229/40-45 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 311/10-15 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas1,000 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 324/10-15 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas22,730 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 324/15-20 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas1,400 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 213/10-15 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 213/15-20 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas590 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 213/20-30 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas300 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 213S-1/10-15 ATHeilind ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 2210V/20-25 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 2210V/25-30 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 211/15-20 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas215 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 211/10-15 AT Heilind ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORT 551/10-15 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas3,697 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORT 551-1/10-15 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 9215/15-20 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 9215/10-15 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 324H/15-20 ATDigi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 324/15-20 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas6,267 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 324/10-15 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas12,441 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 312/10-15 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 311/10-15 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 229/25-30 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 229/20-25 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas7,565 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 228VL/20-30 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 228VL/15-20 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas300 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 228VL/10-15 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas6,030 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 2211/20-30 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 2210V/30-35 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 2210V/25-30 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 2210V/20-25 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 219/10-15 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas826 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 213S-1/10-15 ATDigi-Key ElectronicsAmericas1,107 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 213/20-30 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas287 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 213/15-20 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas5,592 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 213/10-15 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas2,275 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 211/15-20 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas13,491 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 211/10-15 AT Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas9,158 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORStandex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 324/20-30 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas1,378 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 228VL/25-27 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas571 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 9215/10-15 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas1,749 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 324H/15-20 ATMouser ElectronicsAmericas867 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 324/10-15 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas122 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 324/15-20 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas2,082 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 228VL/10-15 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas428 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 228VL/15-20 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas999 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 213/15-20 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas766 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 219/10-15 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas181 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 213/10-15 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas920 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 311/10-15 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas31 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 2211/20-30 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas525 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 211/10-13 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas866 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 9215/15-20 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas2,011 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORT 551/10-15 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas4,955 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORT 551-1/10-15 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas902 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 211/10-15 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas1,996 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 213/20-30 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas974 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 228VL/20-30 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas997 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 211/08-10 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas994 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 211/15-20 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas2,000 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 213S-1/10-15 ATMouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
ORD 228VL/20-25 AT Mouser ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
GStandex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
PR126303501 Reed-Rex LLCAmericas1,953 RFQ2021-06-25
PRStandex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24
PR126253001 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas2,726 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
PR126303501 Mouser ElectronicsAmericas2,891 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
PR126253001 Arrow ElectronicsAmericas2,905 BUY RFQ2021-07-24
NLStandex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2021-07-24


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