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DIP Series Reed Relay


General purpose dual in-line (DIL) IC compatible DIP Series Reed Relay supplied in a rugged thermoset overmolded package. Available with dielectric strength 4.25kVDC. Optional diode. UL approval.


Coil Voltage (VDC)3, 5, 12, 15, 24
Coil Resistance (Ω)500-2000
Contact Form1A (SPST) Normally Open (N.O.), 1B (SPST) Normally Closed (N.C.), 1C (SPDT) Changeover, 2A (DPST) Normally Open (N.O.)
Rated Power Max.50W/500VDC/2A


General purpose, medical equipment, telecommunications, test and measurement (ATE)

Series Data Sheet (PDF)

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Item No.DatasheetDistributorRegionQuantityCartRFQInventory Date
DIP24-2A72-21D Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1A72-12D Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1A72-12L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-2A72-21D Electro Sonic GroupAmericas20 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-2A72-21L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-2A72-21Q Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1C90-51L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1B72-19L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1C90-51D Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1A75-13L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas25 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1A72-13L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-2A72-21L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1C90-51L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1B72-19L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1C90-51D Electro Sonic GroupAmericas2,353 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A72-13L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A72-12L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas90 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A72-12D Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-2A72-21L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-2A72-21D Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1C90-51L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas34 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1C90-51D Electro Sonic GroupAmericas320 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1B72-19L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1B72-19D Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-13L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-11D Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-11L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-12D Electro Sonic GroupAmericas250 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-12L Electro Sonic GroupAmericas17 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-2A72-21Q MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1C90-51L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-2A72-21L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1C90-51D MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1B72-19L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1A75-13L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas25 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1C90-51L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-2A72-21L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1A72-13L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A72-13L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1B72-19L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1C90-51D MASTER/ONLINEAmericas2,353 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A72-12L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas100 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1C90-51L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas34 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-2A72-21D MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-2A72-21L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A72-12D MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1C90-51D MASTER/ONLINEAmericas320 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1B72-19D MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1B72-19L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-13L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-12D MASTER/ONLINEAmericas250 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-12L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas17 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-11L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-11D MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-2A72-21D MASTER/ONLINEAmericas20 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1A72-12D MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1A72-12L MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-2A72-21D MASTER/ONLINEAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1C90-51L Relay Specialties, IncAmericas18 RFQ2018-12-05
DIP12-1C90-51D Relay Specialties, IncAmericas250 RFQ2018-12-05
DIP24-1C90-51D Buerklin GmbHEMEA87 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1C90-51D Buerklin GmbHEMEA42 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1C90-51D Buerklin GmbHEMEA159 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1C90-51L Buerklin GmbHEMEA142 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1C90-51L Buerklin GmbHEMEA13 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A72-12D Relay Specialties, IncAmericas250 RFQ2018-12-05
DIP05-1C90-51L Buerklin GmbHEMEA90 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-2A72-21D Buerklin GmbHEMEA60 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-2A72-21D Buerklin GmbHEMEA172 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-2A72-21L Buerklin GmbHEMEA162 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1B72-19D Buerklin GmbHEMEA72 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A72-12L Relay Specialties, IncAmericas150 RFQ2018-12-05
DIP05-2A72-21L Relay Specialties, IncAmericas250 RFQ2018-12-05
DIP05-1C90-51L Relay Specialties, IncAmericas185 RFQ2018-12-05
DIP05-2A72-21L Buerklin GmbHEMEA70 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1B72-19D Buerklin GmbHEMEA148 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1B72-19D Buerklin GmbHEMEA58 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A72-12D Buerklin GmbHEMEA17 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-12D Buerklin GmbHEMEA229 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-12L Buerklin GmbHEMEA134 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-13L Relay Specialties, IncAmericas250 RFQ2018-12-05
DIP05-1A72-12L Relay Specialties, IncAmericas203 RFQ2018-12-05
DIP05-1A72-13D Relay Specialties, IncAmericas25 RFQ2018-12-05
DIP05-1A72-12D Relay Specialties, IncAmericas200 RFQ2018-12-05
DIP05-1A72-11D Relay Specialties, IncAmericas444 RFQ2018-12-05
DIP05-1A72-11L Relay Specialties, IncAmericas19 RFQ2018-12-05
DIP05-2A72-21D Heilind ElectronicsAmericas400 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-11D Heilind ElectronicsAmericas25 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1C90-51L Heilind ElectronicsAmericas250 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-2A72-21L Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-2A72-21D Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas30 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1C90-51L Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas85 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1C90-51D Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas3 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1A72-12L Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1A72-12D Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-2A72-21L Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-2A72-21D Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas557 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1C90-51L Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas129 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1C90-51D Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas100 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A72-12L Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas74 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A72-12D Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas1,643 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-2A72-21L Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas120 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-2A72-21D Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas186 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1C90-51L Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas178 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1C90-51F Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1C90-51D Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas53 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-13L Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas249 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-12L Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-12D Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-11L Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas306 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-11D Digi-Key ElectronicsAmericas202 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIPStandex FactoryAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1C90-51D Mouser ElectronicsAmericas206 BUY RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A75-13D TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1C90-51D TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1C90-51D TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A75-13L TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-11D TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1C90-51F TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-2A72-21D TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-12L TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A72-12L TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-12D TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-2A72-21D TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-11L TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1A72-12D TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1A72-13L TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-2A72-21L TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1C90-51L TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-2A72-21L TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP12-1A72-12D TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1A72-12L TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-1C90-51L TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP05-2A72-21L TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14
DIP24-1C90-51D TTI Inc Global HeadquartersAmericas0 RFQ2018-12-14

Associated Parts

Our most versatile general purpose BE Series Reed Relay with many contact configuration options including up to 5 form A switches. Available in latching or high IR typical 10^13 Ω. Plastic or metal housing, epoxy encapsulated.

The KT series high voltage reed relay and high insulation reed relay is available in both a surface mount (SMD) or through-hole (THT) design. This high voltage reed relay is capable of switching up to 1kVDC, breakdown voltage of 4.2kVDC, isolation voltage to 7kVDC and features a high insulation resistance (IR) >10^13 Ω. This KT series is supplied in a rugged thermoset overmolded package. Tested in accordance with AEC-Q200, UL listed.

General purpose line sensing dual in-line DIL Series Reed Relay with coil up to 11.000 Ω. Supplied in an epoxy encapsulated package. Available with dielectric strength 4.25kVDC. Optional diode and magnetic shield. UL approval.

Ultraminiature instrumentation grade single in-line (SIL) UMS Series Reed Relay used in very closely stacked matrices. Measure nearly 50% smaller than the standard MS series reed relay. Contains and internal magnetic shield. UL approval, AEC-Q200 certified.

General purpose micro single in-line (SIL) MS Series Reed Relay with rugged thermoset overmolded package has a standard internal magnetic shield. This instrumentation grade relay can be stacked in close matrices. Available in high frequency version up to 1GHz. Optional diode. UL approval.

General purpose instrumentation grade single in-line SIL Series Reed Relay is supplied in a rugged thermoset overmolded package. Utilizes minimum PCB area at only 50% compared to our DIP and DIL series. Available with dielectric strength 4kVDC. Optional diode and magnetic shield. UL approval.

Ultraminiature surface mount (SMD) low-profile CRR Series Reed Relay with high insulation resistance (IR) typical 10^13 Ω. Instrumentation grade relay comes in a rugged thermoset overmolded package with ceramic substrate. Supplied in tape and reel according to IEC 286/part 3. Ball grid array (BGA) optional. UL approval.

The CRF Series is an ultraminiature 7GHz (RF) high frequency reed relay design in a low-profile surface mount (SMD) package.  The RF reed relay features a high insulation resistance (IR) typical 10^13 Ω. This instrumentation grade relay comes in a rugged thermoset overmolded package with ceramic substrate. Supplied in tape and reel according to IEC 286/part 3. Ball grid array (BGA) optional. UL approval.

Technical Papers


Brochures & Catalogs



Standex Electronics | Company Video

Standex Electronics is a worldwide market leader in the design, development, and manufacture of standard and custom electro-magnetic components, including magnetics products and reed switch-based solutions.

In this video, we discuss our global manufacturing and supply chain capabilities by fueling the processes that we often take for granted every day. Through our diverse in-house capabilities and strong engineering designs we PARTNER with our customers to SOLVE their unique challenges, and DELIVER custom high-performing solutions...

Standex Electronics | Values

Standex Electronics new company video shares our global manufacturing and supply chain capabilities through our partner, solve, and deliver approach.

Standex Electronics dynamic engineering and diverse product line of custom and standard components deliver reliable high-quality solutions to customers across broad markets and applications. Our robust product offerings include Reed Switches, Relays, and Sensors, Planar Transformers and Inductors, and Fluid Level Sensors that provide solutions for the Automotive, HVAC, Alternative Energy, Lighting/LED, Appliance, Mil-Aero, Medical, and many others...

Standex Electronics Japan | Company Video

Standex Electronics Japan is a worldwide market leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of magnetic reed switches. Headquartered in Kofu City, Japan it was previously branded as the OKI Sensor Device Corporation prior to being acquired by Standex Electronics, Inc., a division of Standex International. The new name of OKI Reed Switches is KOFU, A Standex Electronics Brand.

Reed Switches for Smart Home Automation Systems

Reed Switches work well with smart home automation systems because they draw no power compared to other magnetic sensing elements. They can be married to a wireless or Bluetooth technology and placed in remote battery powered door sensors or window sensors, or anything where you’re looking for movement or proximity. They’re a very cost-effective and robust component suitable for the home environment, requiring fewer connections resulting in longer battery life.

In today’s homes and also commercial properties, there’s an increased necessity for control to improve efficiency and productivity. And with that control, you have different products that measure temperature, water levels, security, and locks, so within those products reed switches play a major role in making them “smart”.

Standex Electronics is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of standard and custom Reed Switches.

Product Training Module – RF Reed Relays Part I

Welcome to Standex Electronics' RF Reed Relays Part I training module. Reed relays have long been known to have the capability to switch and carry RF signals and fast digital pulses. Hardly anyone thought reed relays were capable of switching and carrying RF up to 20 GHz, because the reed switch's leads are composed of nickel/iron which has a relatively high permeability or (MU). However, 20GHz is now a reality at Standex Electronics. We will be presenting the reasons Standex Electronics and their design team have made this possible.

Product Training Module – RF Reed Relays Part II

Welcome to Standex Electronics' RF Reed Relays Part II training module. This second RF presentation assumes you have already heard the first Standex Electronics RF Part I presentation. Understanding the simple physical layout of a reed relay makes it easy to design and rest reed relays for RF and fast digital pulse applications. RF is dependent on the physical layout or signal path it takes while going through circuits and the components that make up those circuits. We will show you how the physical layout of the reed relay will have a direct bearing on the RF signal's success going into and out of the reed relay. Coupled with the relay's physical layout, the materials making up the reed relay are also important.

Product Training Module – Reed Relay Overview

Welcome to Standex Electronics Reed Relay training module. This module will define key terms used in reed relays and their applications. The module will also describe the structure and function of reed relays and their vast number of applications.

Product Training Module – Magnet Technology & Their Uses

Welcome to Standex Electronics where we will be exploring what magnets are and how they are used in the electronic industry. We will define the key terms relating to magnets and we will explore what magnets are, what they do, and how they are used.

Product Training Module – Latching Form B Reed Relays & Sensors

Welcome to Standex Electronics' Latching and Form B Reed Relay and Sensor training module. This module will define key terms of Form B and Latching sensors and relays. The module will also describe the structure and function of latching and Form B reed relays and sensors.

How a Reed Switch Works

The Reed Switch is the core element in Reed Sensors, Level Sensors and Reed Relays. A magnetic contact switch consisting of two ferromagnetic blades are hermetically sealed inside a glass tube. The glass tube is filled with a high purity inert gas. Under non operating conditions the reed switch contacts do not touch. Standex Electronics is leading the way in reed switch manufacturing...

How Reed Switches are Manufactured

Ultra miniature and high precision Reed Switch manufacturing in the most modern factory of its kind. Standex Electronics micro technology enables the mass production of Reed Switches at the highest quality for competitive pricing. The complete process from the sputtering of the magnetic contacts through the hermetic sealing and final testing...

Reed Switch Technology

Standex Electronics expert discusses reed switch technology and why reed switches play such an important role in many applications.

3D Magnetic Mapping for Sensor Applications

Standex Electronics's technical expert describes their 3D Magnetic Mapping capabilities used in reed sensor applications

Reed Switch SMD Sensor & Magnet Actuation in 3-D

A Reed Switch Sensor on a surface mount PCB assembly shown in 3-D with actuating magnet. When viewed in three dimensions, the magnetic flux lines emanating from the magnet look like a beer barrel keg; and also in three dimensions, with the magnet parallel to the reed switch, the center magnetic lobe array looks like a donut and the two outside lobes look more like a boxer's punching bag -- the kind hung from the ceiling. Essentially the fields from the magnet and the fields for the lobes are symmetrical when viewed in three dimensions. As seen in two dimensions, when the magnet is brought into one of the lobes the reed switch contacts will close. Now, as seen in three dimensions the magnet can be brought into the lobes in any spherical direction for contact closure to occur. Here the magnet is moved into the sphere of influence of the lobes of the reed switch showing the closure and opening when the magnet enters the lobes and passes through them, The change in lighting signifies the closing and opening of the reed switch contacts.

Standex Electronics at AHR Expo 2013

Alex Vinnage talks about what attendees can expect from Standex Electronics at the 2013 AHR Expo.

Como se Fabrica un Ampolla Reed (ES)

Construir los interruptores de lengüeta no es ningún trabajo fácil. Ser la fábrica más moderna de su clase en Europa, nuestra producción en Turingia es un mundo de ellos mismos. El tamaño de estos componentes de alta precisión es extremadamente reducido, la capa ultrafina y el trabajo meticuloso se requieren en cada paso de la producción. Esta microtecnología permite la producción en masa de los productos de alta calidad a precios competitivos.

Linea de Productos Standex Electronics (ES)

Los Interruptores de Lengüeta, Relés de Lengüeta y Sensores de Lengüeta son nuestros productos más importantes. Estos tres grupos tienen una cosa en común: el Interruptor de Lengüeta es el elemento núcleo de todos ellos. Los Interruptores de Lengüeta so dispositivos operados magnéticamente, que han sido inventados por Laboratorios Bell a principios de los años 1940' en Estados Unidos. Funcionan con un principio simple:Dos hojas ferromagnéticas traslapadas de hierro se sellan en un tubo de cristal, separados por una distancia de solamente unos pocos micrones...

Comment fonctionnent les Ampoules Reed (FR)

Les ampoules Reed, les relais Reed et les capteurs Reed sont nos produits les plus importants. Ces trois groupes ont une chose en commun: l'ampoule Reed, « au cœur » de tous ces produits.. Les ampoules Reed sont des appareils activés magnétiquement, qui furent inventés par Bell Labs aux Etats-Unis dans les années 1940. Ils fonctionnent selon un principe simple: Deux lames ferromagnétiques qui se chevauchent , sont scellées dans un tube de verre, séparées par une distance de quelques microns seulement...

Comment sont fabriquées les Ampoules Reed (FR)

Fabriquer des ampoules Reed n'est pas un travail facile. Etant l'usine la plus moderne dans son genre en Europe, notre production de Thuringe est « dans un autre monde » . La taille de ces composants à haute précision est extrêmement petite, l'enduit ultra-mince, un travail méticuleux est exigé dans chaque étape de production. Cette micro technologie permet la production en série de produits de qualité aux prix concurrentiels...

Benvenuti in MEDER (IT)

Molto spesso sono le cose più piccole ad avere l'impatto maggiore nella nostra vita. A volte non le percepiamo neanche, anche se rendono la nostra vita più confortevole e sicura. Sono utilizzate in veicoli, ingegneria della sicurezza, elettrodomestici, dispositivi medici, telecomunicazione e sistemi industriali di ogni tipo. Precisi, affidabili e di lunga durata. Questi interruttori reed, sensori e relè miniaturizzati lavorano instancabilmente secondo la legge di Reed. Anche se a prima vista sembrano semplici, sono in realtà delle vere e proprie meraviglie dell'ingegneria che solo poche aziende al mondo sono in grado di produrre. E noi siamo una di esse: MEDER electronic. Prodotti innovativi per il futuro...

Gamma di prodotti Standex Electronics (IT)

Interruttori reed, relè reed e sensori reed sono i nostri prodotti più importanti. Queste tre categorie di prodotti hanno una cosa in comune: l'ampolla reed, che è il loro elemento centrale. Le Ampolle reed sono dispositivi azionati magneticamente, che furono inventati nei primi anni '40 negli Stati Uniti, nei laboratori Bell. Funzionano secondo un principio molto semplice: due lame di materiale ferromagnetico sono ermeticamente sigillate all'interno di un tubo di vetro...


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