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High Frequency Reed Relays |

High frequency reed relay products are capable of switching signals from DC up to 7 GHz, attained by keeping the signal path as short as possible and using an internal coaxial shield with a consistent 50 Ohm impedance path. Not only is it excellent with RF signals, but is also great for digital signals where the skew rates or effects on the rise time of fast digital pulses is less than 40 picoseconds through the relay. Internal magnetic shield prevents any magnetic coupling effects between relays when designing a two dimensional or three dimensional relay matrix. These RF reed relays have a flat frequency response out to 20 GHz. Their cost is moderate and stable. Their size is becoming smaller and smaller.

1 GHz - Signal

MS Reed Relay

General purpose micro single in-line (SIL) MS Series Reed Relay with rugged thermoset overmolded package has a standard internal magnetic shield. This instrumentation grade relay can be stacked in close matrices. Available in high frequency version up to 1GHz. Optional diode. UL approval.

UL Certificate of Compliance

SILRF Reed Relay

The single in-line SIL RF series high frequency reed relay is capable of switching signals from DC to 1.5GHz. This instrumentation grade RF reed relay is supplied in a rugged thermoset overmolded package. Utilizes minimum PCB area at only 50% compared to our DIP and DIL series. Available with dielectric strength 4kVDC. Optional diode and magnetic shield. UL approval.

UL Certificate of Compliance

30 MHz - Power

HF Reed Relay

The HF series high frequency reed relay and high power reed relay is capable of carry currents of 5A@30MHz. Specially packaged coil with a PCB pin out for the coil only. This high frequency reed relays’ switch contacts are available for direct wiring (sky wiring). Equipped with a patented external electrostatic and magnetic shield. RF reed relay has a breakdown voltage up to 9kVDC.

7 GHz - Signal

CRF Reed Relay

The CRF Series is an ultraminiature 7GHz (RF) high frequency reed relay design in a low-profile surface mount (SMD) package.  The RF reed relay features a high insulation resistance (IR) typical 10^13 Ω. This instrumentation grade relay comes in a rugged thermoset overmolded package with ceramic substrate. Supplied in tape and reel according to IEC 286/part 3. Ball grid array (BGA) optional. UL approval.

UL Certificate of Compliance


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